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In A Mellow Tone

In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday September 3rd, 2014 with Ron Sweetman
Sixteen Saxophonists

Warmin' Up
Emanuele Cisi - Where or When
Dave Liebman - Machine Mass
Fun Five Funk
Shawn Maxwell - Alliance
Lady J
Fathead Newman - Cellar Groove
Meaning of the Blues
Steve Kaldestad - Straight Up
Back From the Gig
Bob Rockwell - Love & Peace
The Feeling of Jazz
Mike Murley - Looking Back Canadian
Rakin' & Scrapin'
Cory Weeds - As Of Now
Sigudur Flosason - Eleventh Hour
Blue Longings
Christina Dahl - Life's Carousel
Mike DiRubbo - Threshold
Jackiem Joyner - Evolve
Bouble Bass
Jackiem Joyner - Evolve
The Leopard
Felipe Salles - Ugandan Suite
Adam Schroeder - Let's
The Code
B. J. Jansen - Ronin
Dreamed-Out March
Charles Evans - Subliminal Leaps