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Roots and Rhythms

Roots and Rhythms
Wednesday December 13th, 2017 with Retro Renny
PULLING RABBITS (& other assorted rodents) OUT OF MY HAT. Songs about rabbits, rats, groundhogs, woodchucks & mice, featuring Blues, R&B, Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Rock & Roll.

Songs by Ike Turner, Washboard Sam, Bill 'The Kid' Emerson, Big Joe Turner, Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers, Jim & Jesse & The Virginia Boys and more. P.S. Possums are marsupials, not rodents.
The Woodchuck
BILLY 'THE KID' EMERSON - Ike Turner - That Cat Sure Could Play!: The Singles 1951-1957 - '54 Sun Records/'10 Secret Records
Blues Jump The Rabbit
BIG JOE TURNER - Rocks In My Bed - '50 Bayou Records/'05 Membran Music
Mr. Blues Jumped The Rabbit
WYNONIE HARRIS - Rockin' The Blues - Playful Baby - '46 Aladdin Records/'01 Proper Records
Blue Jumped The Rabbit
ELMO WILLIAMS & HEZEKIAH EARLY - Takes One To Know One - '97 Fat Possum Records/Epitaph Records
Turkey And The Rabbit
T-MODEL FORD - Pee Wee Get My Gun - '97 Fat Possum Records/Epitaph Records
Black Rat Swing
LITTLE SON JOE - Roots ā€˜Nā€™ Blues: A Retrospective 1925 ā€“ 1950 - '41 OKeh Records/'92 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Rabbit Foot Blues
FLAT DUO JETS - White Trees - '93 Sky Records
I'm A Prowlin' Groundhog
WASHBOARD SAM - Washboard Sam The Collection 1935-53 - '36 Vocalion Records/'14 Acrobat Music
Rabbit Blues
CHARLEY BOOKER - Ike Turner - That Cat Sure Could Play!: The Singles 1951-1957 - '52 Blues & Rhythm Records/'10 Secret Records
Rabbit In The Log
JIM & JESSE & THE VIRGINIA BOYS - Y'all Come: The Essential Jim & Jesse - '65 Epic Records/'98 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Little Rabbit
CROCKETT'S KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEERS - The Rough Guide To Country Music Pioneers - '31 Crown Records/'13 World Music Network
That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It
THE WALTER FAMILY - Ruckus Juice & Chittlins, Vol. 1 - '33 Champion Records/'98 Yazoo Records
Wee Mouse
RAY CAMPI - With Friends In Texas - '88/'90 Flying Fish Records
Rabbit Action
JIMMY HAGGETT - The Best Of Sun Rockabilly - '56 Sun Records, unissued/'98 Charly Records
Little Red Rabbit
THE ROCKING FOOLS - Boppin' In Canada - '91 Nervous Records Canadian
Jack Rabbit
ICKY RENRUT a.k.a. IKE TURNER - Jack Rabbit Blues - '59 Stevens Records/'11 Secret Records
I Smell A Rat
YOUNG JESSIE - Don't Happen No More - '54 Modern Records/'14 Jazzman Records
Ground Hog
CHILLIWACK - All Over You - '72 A&M Records Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Renny G (host)
Diggin' myself a hole, preparing for winter hibernation.

8:06 PM, December 13th, 2017
Renny G (host)
Any listeners?

8:08 PM, December 13th, 2017
Yep I'm here turning it up after a deafening good2go rehearsal Louder!

8:15 PM, December 13th, 2017
Renny G (host)

8:17 PM, December 13th, 2017
Renny G (host)
When & where do you guys play again Gilles?

8:18 PM, December 13th, 2017
No comments? I smell a rat! Great set, Rabbit Renny.

8:28 PM, December 13th, 2017
Renny G (host)
Thanks Ian. I'm having a blast.

8:41 PM, December 13th, 2017
Renny G (host)
As usual.

8:45 PM, December 13th, 2017
That Renrut tune was completely yzarc!

8:54 PM, December 13th, 2017
Renny G (host)

11:51 PM, December 13th, 2017