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Roots and Rhythms
Wednesday January 22nd, 2014 with Rob Bitschofsky
Latin Grab Bag

Latin Grab Bag: I'm subbing for Punto De Encuentro right before Roots tonight, so I'm stitching the two shows together in a pan-latin extravaganza of hot stuff to fight the freezing winter vortex we're stuck in.
Good evening to you Punto De Encuentro listeners who are popping by to see what the heck I was tying to say when I mangled the names of your favorite song or performer. The playlist is below. Roots listeners popping in at the usual time? The playlist starts halfway down or so at the second note.
Baby Boogaloo
Nilo Espinosa Y Orchestra - Gozalo Bugalu Tropical Vol 1
Ran Kan Kan
Tito Puente - Mambo Kings
Alto Songo
Afro-Cuban All-Stars - A Toda Cuba Le Gusta
Kasoongo Boogaloo
Ricardo Lemva & Makina Loca - Isabela
Push Push Push
Charlie Palomares Y Su Yuboney - Gozalo Bugalu Tropical Vol 1
Do Leme Ao Pontal
Tim Maia - The Existential Soul of Tim Maia
Les Kings - Tumbele!
Che Che Cole
Willie Colon - Cosa Nuestra
Dima Bolanke
Le Ry-co Jazz - Tumbele!
El Caterete
Wganda Kenya - Diablos del Ritmo 1960 to 1985: The Colombian Melting Pot
A Bailar Tomason
Gran Afro Cuban Orchestra de Generoso Jimenez - Generoso Que Buen Toca Usted
La Nostalgia
Trio Aire Hausteco - Sones Para Un Nuevo Sol
Okay, over to our Roots and Rhythms program. Stick around, Punto De E people; lots more great Latin music coming up
Cuccuruccu Paloma
Caetano Veloso - Habla Con Ella
La Bamba
Milton Nascimento - Mitons
Astrud Gilberto - Talkin' Verve
Ray Baretto - Salsa Caliente De Nu York!
Si! No!
Deep Rumba - The Night Becomes a Rumba
Sonamos el Tango
Silvana Deluigi - Yo!
Ambiente Pa Ti
Alfredo Triff - 21 Broken Melodies at Once
One Casual Song (After Another)
Kip Hanrahan - Vertical's Currency
"...if I knew how to, if I knew what muscles to relax..."
Kip Hanrahan - Tenderness
Milton Nascimento - San Vicente