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Roots and Rhythms

Roots and Rhythms
Wednesday December 25th, 2013 with Shirley Gagnon
Blues Aboriginal style

Blues Aboriginal style. Elaine Bomberry "The history of Native musical influence on the early formation of the blues is a story virtually untold. Books written on the blues makes no mention of the cross-cultural exchange that happened between runaway African slaves and First Nations peoples and how this could have led to the formation of the early blues. Nor do they mention that many of the blues greats had Native roots as well."
Heart Beat
Aaron White - Indian Rezervation Blues and More Canadian
Bushman Blues
Art Napoleon - Miyoskamin Canadian
Ain't Goin' Down
Jason Burnstick - Indian Rezervation Blues and More Canadian
Barbwire Blues
Andy Mason - Long Walk 49 Canadian
dnt txt me, baby
Curt Young - Edge of Shadow Canadian
Early in the Evenin'
The Pappy Johns Blues Band - Pappy Johns III: Havin' A Good Time Now Canadian
Dance Hall Blues
Digging Roots - Seeds Canadian
Slidin' Clyde Roulette - Indian Rezervation Blues and More Canadian
Kokopelli Blues
Keith Secola - Indian Rezervation Blues and More
Rez Sister
Asani - Rattle & Drum Canadian
Specific Claims Blues
Ralph Abramson - Down the Road: Some Reality Music from Before Canadian
Indian Blues
George Leach - Indian Rezervation Blues and More Canadian
Murray Porter - 1492 Who Found Who Canadian
Corn Cob Soup
Derek Miller - Music is the Medicine Canadian