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Roots and Rhythms

Roots and Rhythms
Wednesday December 11th, 2013 with Bruce Walton

An overlooked American band, certainly by yours truly.
Pretty Thing
NRBQ - Live From Mountain Stage (2002)
Still In School
NRBQ - All Hopped Up (1977)
NRBQ - Ludlow Garage 1970
I Found A Love
NRBQ - Ludlow Garage 1970
Finger Poppin' Time
NRBQ - Ludlow Garage 1970
12 Bar Blues
NRBQ - Grooves In Orbit (1982)
Deaf, Dumb and Blind
NRBQ - Workshop (1973)
Crazy Like A Fox
NRBQ - God Bless Us All (1987)
It's A Wild Weekend
NRBQ - Wild Weekend (1989)
If I Don't Have You
NRBQ - cassette single (1989)
Little Floater
NRBQ - Wild Weekend
You Can't Hide
NRBQ - Tiddlywinks (1979)
Get Rhythm
NRBQ - At Yankee Stadium (1978)
Here Comes the Whistleman
NRBQ - Ludlow Garage 1970
We Travel the Spaceways
NRBQ - We Travel the Spaceways (2012)