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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday September 19th, 2012 with Dick Altavista
with Bob Whitmore

All Night Long
White Wires - WWWIII Canadian New
What's A Girl To Do
Shangri--La's - Shangra La's '65
Gun Sale At The Church
The Beat Farmers - Van Go
Vegetable Belt
Jack Logan - Bulk
Farmer John
The Premier's - Nuggets
My Heart Is Beating
Mary Weiss - Dangerous Game
The Inbreds - Hilario Canadian
The Other Side
Fluid Waffle - It Came From Canada4 Canadian
Down On The Farm
Gary Higgins - Rwed Hash
The Ettes - Wicked Will
Wanted Man
Dang Guilty - Dang Guilty Canadian New
Slo' Tom - Must've Been A Pretty Good Night Canadian New
Who Drank My Beer
The Church Keys - Work With It
They're Red Hot
The F-Holes - Red Hot Canadian New
I'm Going Crazy
Trevor Alguire - Till Sorrow Begins To Call Canadian New
Party Of The Year
Nudie & The Turks - Looking For A Good Time Canadian
The Psychedelic Aliens - Psycho African Beat
Down On The Farm
The Cosmic Psychos - 15 Years, A Million Beers
The Farm
Howe Gelb - Sno" Angel
Get On The Go
The Johnnies - First date
The Losers Win
The Loons - Red Disolving Rays Of Light
Interactive CKCU
Billy Jeez
Nice to hear Bob back on the air!

1:48 PM, September 19th, 2012
Who doesn't like a good hoe!

2:19 PM, September 19th, 2012
If I was playing with Chris Landry I'd be "C" sick too! lol

2:57 PM, September 19th, 2012
Bail Geronimo
Oct 19th to Nov 4th!!

3:22 PM, September 19th, 2012
Thanks for playing our song, from Dang Guilty! We look forward to seeing you in October. Cheers!

10:13 PM, September 19th, 2012
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