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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday June 27th, 2012 with Dick Altavista

Love to love you
Sarah Burton - Firebreathers Canadian New
The Blacks - No One Got Hurt
Inside Of Me
Lola Parks - Here Canadian
Sleeper Awake
Kelly Hogan - I Like To Keep Myself In Pain New
Room #3
Ninety Pounds Of Ugly - Richmond Motel Room #3 Canadian
Cory Branan - Mutt New
Queen Of July
Del Barber - Headwaters Canadian New
Trashy Dog
Terry Manning - Home Sweet Home
Life Gets In The Way
Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses - Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses New
Hi Desert Cabaret
The Bushpilots - Swerve Canadian New
Human Unconditioned
Pistol George Warren - Mindemoya Canadian New
If I Knew Then
Ray Harris - Poorly Kept Secrets Canadian New
Neon Wedding
Samantha Mouchet - Strange Dreams Canadian New
Cops & Cars
The Allrights - Songs About The Weather Canadian New
Lazy Bastard
The Cutmen - Throw In The Towel Canadian New
Hunger & Boredom
The Shakey Aches - 7" Canadian
Out Of The Woods
Bryce Jardine - The Kids Are Gone Canadian New
Walkin' On By
Mark Ripp - Minor Miracle Canadian
Budda On The Bus
The Elementals - The Elementals Canadian New
She Don't Want Me Around
The Bruitals - Here Come The Bruitals Canadian
Drive Away
Bob Haughian - demo Canadian New
Thank God I Fell In Love With You
The Woodshed Orchestra - The Woodshed Orchestra Canadian
The Golden Seals - Increase The Sweetness Canadian
On The Highway
The Brothers Chaffey - Bloodlines Canadian
Honey In My Coffee
Capital Grass And The Nomen - Don't Wait For The Mountain Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Ray Harris
Trashy Dog! You always play such cool tunes! Keep it up!

2:08 PM, June 27th, 2012
Yay! Mark Ripp coming back to Ottawa is very good news, indeed.

2:29 PM, June 27th, 2012
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Thanks Ray. Just wait. I can guarantee you'll like the song playing now!

2:30 PM, June 27th, 2012
Ray Harris
Thanks for the spinage/pluggage! Cheers.

2:31 PM, June 27th, 2012
Ray Harris
btw, this track features the accordian/vocal stylings of the amazing MarieJosee Houle!

2:32 PM, June 27th, 2012
Dick Alta Vista (host)
mj rawkin' the sqeezebox!

2:33 PM, June 27th, 2012
Thanks for the spin!

2:43 PM, June 27th, 2012
Blair Bruital
Thanks for the spin, Dick.

11:52 PM, June 27th, 2012
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