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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday December 28th, 2011 with Dick Altavista
favourite recordings of 2011

Pretty Friends
The Bruitals - Here Come Canadian
The Girl Who Stole My Motorbike
Camp Radio - Campista Socialista Canadian
4 Chords away
No Fly List - Blaze On Canadian
Rat City
Jack Oblivion - Rat City
Kick It
Golden Seals - Increase The Sweetness Canadian
Construction On The Street
Charlotte Cornfield - Two Horses Canadian New
Bad Girl Goes To Jail
John Wesley Coleman - Bad Girl Goes To Jail
The Same Thing
Idyl Tea - The Song That's Not Finished Canadian
The Pack AD - Unpersons Canadian
Usual Suspects
Ha Ha Tonka - Death Of A Decade
Bad Way To Go
Lydia Loveless - Indestructible Machine
Coming Home To You
Kelly Prescott - I Leave You Dreaming Canadian
So Long
Jehan Khoorshed - No Harm Done Canadian
Reap & sew
Morgan Friend - Angel Going Down Canadian New
Song For An Ad
Dave Norris & Local Ivan - Alma Mater Canadian New
Ooh Ah Ooh
The Shakey Aches - 7" Canadian
Skinny Jeans
The Jeers - The Jeers Canadian
Sensual Pounding
Little Foot, Long Foot - Oh, Hell Canadian
Another Like You
Hayes Carll - KMAG YOYO
Bottom The Bottle
Huntley Slim & The Suburban Cowboys - Make Work Project Canadian
Fallen Soldier
Ballgag"N"Chaingang - Bang Canadian
Snow Country
Meredith Luce - Live At The Branch Canadian
Interactive CKCU
The Bruitals are a damn fine band

1:42 PM, December 28th, 2011
Turn it up. TURN IT UP!!

3:13 PM, December 28th, 2011
Crossing Boredom Jenn
Okay, I'll say it, Less Talk, more Rock!

3:14 PM, December 28th, 2011
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