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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday September 21st, 2011 with Dick Altavista with Guest Lefty McRighty, Tonya and Ginger St. James.

Shot In The Arm
Wilco - Summerteeth New
Don't Forgewt How Much I love you
John Doe - Keeper New
Picking And Choosing
John Allaire - Heart Of Steel Canadian New
Whitehorse - Whitehorse Canadian New
Boom Boom Room
Ginger St. James - Spank Sparkle and Growl Canadian New
The Train Jumpers - The Train Jumpers Canadian
Train In Me
Brock Zeman - Hundred Dollar Difference Canadian
Dirty game
The Woody Allens - The Woody Allens Canadian
Angel Going Down
Morgan Friend - demo Canadian New
Are You Ready
Trevor Alguire - Now Before Us Canadian
A Dozen Darlings
Lefty McRighty - demo Canadian New
Should Be Holdin' You
Uncle Sean & Shifty Drifters - Drinkin' Ramblin' Honky Tonkin' Canadian
Rest Of My Days
Lynne Hanson - Once The Sun Goes Down Canadian
Living Bu The Rolling Dice
Big Tobacco & The Pickers - Big Tobacco & The Pickers Canadian
Wishful Thinking
Robert Larisey - Nights Take Forever Canadian
66 miles
Brothers Through The Hill - Adelaide Canadian
well Well Michelle
The Kingmakers - Last Night In Nashville
I left The City Burning
Orit Shimoni - I Left The City Burning