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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday January 1st, 2020 with Dick Altavista
Amazing Voices, Amazing Songs to nurse your hangover

Time Ain’t Nothing
Green On Red - No Free Lunch - Mercury
Thanksgiving Day
Danny And Dusty - Cast Iron Soul - Blue Rose
East Broadway
The Slummers - Love Of The Amateur - Blue Rose
My Big Car
The Silos - Hasty La Victoria - Watermelon
World Party - bang - Chrysalis
Things To You
NRBQ - Turn On, Tune In - Omnivore New
He’s Our Man
Run Coyote - In Shadowlands - So Sorry Canadian New
Something Else
Colin Wylie - Colin Wylie Canadian New
I’ll Never Understand You Now
The Golden Seals - Something Isn't Happening Canadian New
Six Domestic Calls
Area Resident - Viscount - Record Centre Records Canadian New
More Like Them
Lydia Loveless - Live From The Documetary Who Is Lydia Loveless - MVD audio
Only Once
Maria McKee - You Gotta Sin To Get Saved - Geffen
Pollyanna/Sick Of This Old Aworld
The Muffs - No Holiday - Omnivore New
Egg It On
The Mullens - Go Where The Action Is - Get Hip
Hold Me Up
Velvet Crush - Teenage Symphonies To God - Creation
Volunteers Of America
The Both - The Both - Superego Rocrds
Hold On
Aimee Mann - Come On Up To The House - Dualtone
I Wish I Was In New Orleans(In The Ninth Ward)
Tom Waits - Small Change - Asylum
Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow - Fish People
It Should Have Been Me
It’s Jo And Danny - But We Have The Music - Double Snazz
Free Girl Now
The Mary Janes - Flame - Flat Earth
The Duke Hotel
Silent Winters - The Duke Hotel Canadian
Casino El Camino
Lynn Miles with Keith Glass - Road - Continental Song City Canadian
Follow That Fire
Lynn Jackson - Follow That Fire - Busted Flat Records Canadian
Touch Of Your Love
The Lucas Haneman Express - Catch The Westbound Canadian
Wearing White
Half Gringa - Too Late Too Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots - Bloodshot Records New
I Just Lived A Country Song
Robbie Fulls & Linda Gail Lewis - Wild! Wild! Wild! - Bloodshot Records
Interactive CKCU
Enjoying the show as I drive around doing errands, thanks for all the great music 👍

2:20 PM, January 1st, 2020
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Wally, Great to have you along. The Velvet Crush track is for you!

2:31 PM, January 1st, 2020
pass the mouse
HA! Whatizname Alta Something just said: "Listening to CKCU makes you smart." Apparently it didn't work for me yet. But music is good anyway. Perhaps if i were to manipulate the volume control in a clockwise direct?! q;^)

2:38 PM, January 1st, 2020
Yes you know I love Velvet Crush and you will probably enjoy the latest compilation of The Springfields songs that Slumberland Recjust released. The Springfields was another one of the many bands that Ric & Paul from the Velvet Crush played in.

2:39 PM, January 1st, 2020
Hi Wally. Good to meet ya in person. Anyone who goes around handing out great music is even better than the Tooth Fairy in my books!!

2:41 PM, January 1st, 2020
Thanks Peter and great to finally meet you & I'll start a package of music for you for the next time I'm in at the station.

2:43 PM, January 1st, 2020
VERY COOL! If you so choose. And the weirder the better. ;^) It would go in the This Island Earth slot, or leave with Dave aA. With a name on it (so one of those other sneaky TIE hosts does not abscond... ;^)

2:47 PM, January 1st, 2020
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Peter B are you in for a treat.

2:55 PM, January 1st, 2020
Hey Peter, I have normal and I have weird (Both Kinds Of Music 😂) - stay tuned 😊

3:07 PM, January 1st, 2020
HA! yet again Wally. My personal favourite genres are "WHAT THE *&#@ WAS THAT?!?!" followed closely by "WHAT PLANET ARE WE ON ANYWAY?!". q;^) Look forward to new-to-me stuff, and challenging listening...

3:19 PM, January 1st, 2020