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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday April 6th, 2011 with Dick Altavista

Some Like Wine
Moonshine ramblers - Moonshine ramblers Canadian New
Good Old Days
Huntley Slim & The Suburban Cowboys - Songs From This Chicken Coop Canadian
Never eat Alone
Spring Breakup - It's Not You, It's Me Canadian New
Sea Captain
Pawnshop Diamond - This Beautiful Broken Family Canadian New
Busy Line
Kelly Prescott - I Leave You Dreaming Canadian New
Cindy Doire - Sticks And Mud Canadian New
Adrienne Probably Knows
Charlotte Cornfield - It's Like That Here Canadian
Slept All Afternoon
Carolyn Mark - The Pros And Cons Of Collaboration Canadian
Hunger And Boredom
The Shakey Aches - 7" Canadian New
Fine Scotch
Jr. Gone Wild - Less Art, More Pop! Canadian
Crossing The Causeway
Grievous Angels - One Job Town Canadian
Forget About Me
Jehan Khoorshed - No Harm Done Canadian New
Chained To My Love
Eamon McGrath - 13 Songs Of Whiskey & Light Canadian
Theatre Of Your Mind
Ray Harris - East End, West End, North End, South End Canadian
Ugly Stick
Ninety Pounds Of Ugly - Richmond Hotel Room #3 Canadian
Rock n Roll Radio
Bushpilots - Seven Ways To Broadway Canadian
Oiter Limits Bride
Evil Farm Children - 7" Canadian
Hit The Ground
Steve Adamyk Band - Better Off 7" Canadian
Outta My Mind
The White Wires - WWII Canadian New
Little Bird
Friends On Friends - demo Canadian New
I Met Your Ghost
Dave Norris / Local Ivan - New Thoughts Canadian New
Green Eyes
Andre M. Bluteau - Crooked Smiles Canadian New
Fell off The Dock
Jim Bryson & The wekerthans - The Falcon Lake Incident Canadian
Jack pelletier & The Battle Of Ontario - Friends & Lovers Canadian