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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday February 2nd, 2011 with Dick Altavista

Dender In My Fender
The Weapons Of Mass Seduction - Thank You For Your Daughters Canadian
White And Pretty
The Joneses - Criminals
Bad Lady Goes To Jail
John Wesley Coleman - Bad Lady Goes To jail New
I Can tell
The White Wires - The White Wires II Canadian New
Honky Tonk Woman
The Pogues - Honky Tonk Woman
Leaving Here
The Shambles - What You're missing
Into The Future
The Nuggets - Crystalline Creations...And Pop Sensations
Girl On The Billboard
Eddie Spaghetti - Sundowner New
She Comes & Goes
Jehan Khoorshed - No Harm Done Canadian New
Eulogy For You And Me
Tanya Davis - Clockes And Hearts Keep Going Canadian New
Little Bird
Friends On Friends - Demo Canadian New
I Stand In The Weeds
The Jimmyriggers - I Stand In The Weeds Canadian New
Wasting Time
David Hustler - Handwritten Canadian New
Lonesome On'ry And Mean
Big Tobacco & The Pickers - Big Tobacco & The Pickers Canadian New
Never Got Weird Enough
Uncle Sean & The Shifty Drifters - Drinkin' Ramblin' Honky Tonkin' Canadian New
Can't Sit And Watch Little Susie Laugh
Wildweeds - Wildweeds
I Was Made For You
She & Him - Volume One
Nervous Breakdown
Wanda Jackson - The Party Ain't Over New
Dirty Snow
Excene Cervenka - The Excitment Of Maybe New
Are you ready
Trevor Alguire - Now Before Us Canadian
Saskatoon Tonight
Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle - Let's Just Stay Here Canadian
Jim Bryson - The Falcon Lake Incident Canadian New
Brain Buster
Garaga - Garaga Canadian
Ohh Ahh Ohh
The Shakey Aches - All You Get For Free Canadian New
Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers - Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers Canadian New
Battle Plan
Ukrania - The Maiden Canadian
Highway 105
John Allaire - Up Hill Both Ways Canadian
Things You Remember
Ray Harris - East end, West End, North End, South End Canadian