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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday January 5th, 2011 with Dick Altavista

Goin' Out West
Tom Waits - Glitter And Doom Live
Soup Song
Robert Wyatt - Ruth Is Stranger Then Richard
Empty Prophet
Azteca - Azteca
Nil's Jazz Ensemble - Peruvian Funk
Part 1
James Blackshaw - All Is Falling
Theme For The Lime Cafe
April March And Los Cincos - April March And Los Cincos
My Rival
Alex Chilton - Like Flies On Sherbert
A Holiday From My Vacation
Imperial State Electric - Imperial State Electric New
White Wires - White Wires II Canadian New
You Preach Peace
Rob Skane - Phantom Power Trip
Imaginary Radio
The Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet - Crazy Eights
Girl Like You
The Shakey Aches - All You Get For Free Canadian New
I Remember How
The Mean Jeans - 7"
She Don't Want Me Around
The Bruitals - Meet The Bruitals Canadian New
The Delicate King
The Woodrunners - The Woodrunners Canadian
Morning Mouth
Andre M. Bluteau - Crooked Smile Canadian New
Christchurch Woman
Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues
Meanest Jukebox In Town
Whitey Morgan & the 78's - Whitey Morgan & the 78's
Brain Pollution
The Jon Cohen Experimental - The Jon Cohen Experimental Canadian New
There's A Sweetness
Lisa Poushinsky - Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter Canadian
Freeways In The Frontyard
Jim Bryson And The Weakerthans - The Falcon Lake Incident Canadian New
Should Be Holding You
Uncle Sean - Demo Canadian New
Carrying Coal
Prescott - The Lakeside Sessions Canadian
West Virginia Coal Mine
Ray Harris - Single Canadian New
Good Times Gone
The Brothers Chaffey - Bloodlines Canadian
Those Were The Days
Elvyn - The Decline Canadian
Peaches And Cream
Jack Pelletier And The Battle Of Ontario - Friends And Lovers Canadian
Swing The Hammer
John Allaire - Up Hill Both Ways Canadian
Kentucky Bourbon
Steve Stacey & The Stumpsplitters - Tall Tales, Fibs & Outright Lies
Ashley Newall - Live