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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday October 27th, 2010 with Dick Altavista with Martyha Walsh, Patricia Lever, Lenny Wu and tic

Tra La La
Tanya Davis - Clocks And hearts Keep Going Canadian New
Double Cross
Riff Randells - Double Cross Canadian
You Got Good Pants
Shanker & Romps - Pancakin" Canadian
It's Not The Baby Baby
The Rizdales - How The Marriage Ended Canadian New
Crackin' Up
Nick Lowe - Labour Of Lust
Up All Night
Jim Bryson - Falcon Lake Incident Canadian New
Surf's Up
Winchester Warm - Sky One Room Canadian
Three Orange Whips
Evil Farm Children - 7" Canadian New
Take Me to The Country
Jack Pelletire & The Battle Of Ontario - Friends & Lovers Canadian
Jack's House
The Randypeters - XXX Canadian
Thrill On The hill
Thge Brothers Chaffey - Bloodlines Canadian
Whiskey & Lulu
Fiftymen - After Darkfall Canadian
Double Fisting
Steve Stacey & The Stumpsplitters - Tall tales, Fibs & Outright Lies Canadian
Pretty Friends
The Bruitals - Meet The Bruitals Canadian New
Out Of Your League
Ninety Pounds Of Ugly - Richmond Motel Room #3 Canadian