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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday September 16th, 2015 with Dick Altavista
SKREEDLEMANIA interview with Jeff Martin

Passionate Kisses
Lucinda Williams - Passionate Kisses
The Bangles - Sweethearts Of The Sun
Kimberley MacGregor - I Am My Own Canadian New
Bitter In Barstow
Brady Enslen - Beautiful Things Canadian New
Coming Home To You
James Leclaire - These weights Canadian New
Wait I'm Late
St Stephens - All We Are Canadian New
Idiot's Revenge
The Bottle Rockets - The Brooklyn Side
The Race Is On
Nervebreakers - We Want Everything
Keep Your Engine Clean
The Stand GT - Apocapalypse Canadian
Neck - Hate To Reed Canadian New
D.O.A. - Hardcore '81 Canadian
The Purple Toads - Love Songs For The Hard Of Hearing
Fighting Girl
Banditas - Banditas Canadian
Vampire Girl
The Bruitals - Won't Let You Down Canadian New
I'm A Full Grown Man
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages - Under The Savage Sky
Cleaning Windows
Van Morrison - Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast
Frankie - Girl Of Infinity Canadian New
Pistol George Warren - Oceapur 9 Canadian New
Taste The Ceiling
Wilco - Star Wars New
Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
The Golden Seals - Stay Golden Canadian
Breakin' The Law In Bathurst
Slo' Tom & The Handsome Devils - 7" Canadian
Bag Of Bones
Capital Grass And The No Men - Hunkerdownlow Canadian New
Let Me Slip
Daniel Romano - If I've Only One Time Askin' Canadian New
Talk Around The World
Furnaceface - I've Never been To Ottawa Canadian
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