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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday September 2nd, 2015 with Dick Altavista

Stranger Than Fiction
Saint Clare - Moving On Canadian New
Hang Up
Mr. Airplane - Shakin' around - SFTRI 727
I Won't Pull Out
The Bruitals - Wont Let You Down Canadian New
Law Abiding Citizen
The Fuzz Kings - The Fuzz Kings Canadian New
Random Name Generator
Wilco - Star Wars New
Pistol George Warren - Oceapur 9 Canadian New
Jazz Cigarettes
The Golden Seals - Stay Golden Canadian
Great Melt
St Stephens - All We Are Canadian New
Bump & Grind
Mick Collins - Sore Losers - SFTRI 338
The Ettes - Wicked Will - SFTRI 785
Honey, I'm To Old For You
Jack Oblivian - American Slang - SFTRI 475
Shake Your Hips
'68 Comeback - A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far - SFTRI 422
Seven Day weekend
The Waldos - Their Sympathetic Majesties Request VOl. 2 - SFTRI 300
Apocalypse Girl
The Humpers - Their Sympathetic Majesties Request VOl. 2 - SFTRI 300
I'm Poor
The Supersuckers - Their Sympathetic Majesties Request - SFTRI 200
Sunday Drive
The Come-Ons - Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit - SFTRI 623
Georgia Women
R.L. Burnside - Root damage - SFTRI 713
Big Bird
The Deadly Snakes - Sympathetic Sounds Of Montreal - SFTRI 686 Canadian
I'm Gonna teach You
Daniel Romano - If I've Only One Time Askin' Canadian New
Seven Wonders
Holly GoLightly - Slowtown Now New
Peace Defrost
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - I Declare Nothing Canadian New
Don't Make Me Eat My Words
Capital Grass And The N o Men - Hunkerdownlow Canadian New
Walking In The Dark
Brock Zeman - Pulling Your Sword Out Of The devil's Back Canadian New
A Long Time Ago
Kalle Mattson - Avalance Canadian New
The Jimmy Tri-Tone band - Wanted Canadian New
These Weights
James Leclaire - These Weights Canadian New
These Four Walls
John Allaire - South Of Solitude Canadian New
China Blue
Cactus Flower's - Magic Hour Canadian New
Incarceration Casserole
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages - Under The Savage Sky - Bloodshot New
Ain't It Hard
Banditos - Banditos - Bloodshot New
Can't Get You Off My Mind
Romi Mayes - Lucky Tonight Canadian
Knockin' The Dust Off The Rust Belt Tonight
Pokey Lafarge - Something In The water New
Interactive CKCU
Blair Bruital
Won't pull out?? Spill yer what?? What is this filth???

1:41 PM, September 2nd, 2015
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Great question. Such a good band such interesting lyrics.

1:44 PM, September 2nd, 2015
someone in no way connected to the Bruitals
listening to this on demand...won't pull out does appear to be a load of smutty filth, but I believe it is by far and away the Bruital's best work yet. When will the rock'n roll world wake up to this fact? And thank you Dick Altavista for enlightening us

11:15 AM, September 3rd, 2015
Dick Altavista
Both Kinds of Music: radio where listeners are the quality control.

7:11 PM, September 4th, 2015