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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday April 1st, 2015 with Dick Altavista
Starting the 2nd decade

Flesh On The Wall
Naked Prey - Naked Prey
Endless Bummer
Fist City - It's 1983 Grow Up Canadian
Lost In The Dream
The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream New
Girls Of Summer
Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop Canadian
In My Gremlin
The Rave-Ups - The Rave-Ups
Strategic Retreat
Mike McDonald - Live At The Blue Chair Cafe Canadian New
Chris Staig & The Marquee Players - Shack By The Tracks Canadian New
It's A Condo Now
Hey Buster - I Like My Bike Canadian New
Got You Well
Garielle Papillon - The Tempest Of Old Canadian New
My Focal Point
Chris Page - Volume Vs. Voice Canadian New
For Always
The Silos - Cuba
Elevator Operator
Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit New
Late Nite
G. Rogers & the Capital Dominion Radiators - 7" - Pretty Bad Records Canadian
GOOD2GO - C'Mon Canadian
Breakin' The Law In Bathurst
Slo' Tom & The Handsome Devils - 7" - Pretty Bad Records Canadian
East Ending
Saint Clare - pre-release Canadian New
Song For Jersey
Joel Plaskett & The Park Avenue Sobriety Test - Joel Plaskett & The Park Avenue Sobriety Test Canadian New
Whitehorse - Leave No Bridge Unburned Canadian New
Dirty Skirty
C And C Surffactory - C And C Surffactory Canadian New
leave The Lights On
The Dead Bees - 2 Canadian New
I'll Be Letting You Down
I'm Your' Groupie, You're My Rock Star - 7" Canadian New
Love Not Lunch
Jack Logan - Bulk
How 'm I Gonna Find You Now
James McMurtry - Complicated Game New
Never Been To Spain
Hoyt Axton - Joy To The World
Circle Pattern
Capital Grass And The Nomen - Hunkerdownlow Canadian New
She Comes Running
Lee Hazlewood - Love & Other Crimes
Both Sides Now
Randy Scruggs - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
That was Just The Juice Talking
Jitterbug Vipers - Phoebe's Dream
Black Shadow
Beam - 7" Canadian New
Fifty Sad Songs
Michael Coughlan - The Sixth Avenue Verses Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Excellent Mike McDonald track!

1:55 PM, April 1st, 2015
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Well of course! All Mike McDonald tracks are excellent (obviously I'm quite biased).

1:57 PM, April 1st, 2015
volume is cranked here! enjoying Gabrielle Papillon :)

2:05 PM, April 1st, 2015
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Play this Radio show LOUD!

2:07 PM, April 1st, 2015
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