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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday June 18th, 2014 with Allan B. Wigney
The Flaps and more!

A feast of tunes, with a special guest or two in the studio.
Mulligan's Too
Mulligan, Gerry - Mulligan Plays Mulligan - Fantasy
Jam Session for a Dancer
Peterson, Oscar - The Astaire Story - Verve Canadian
Listen to the Boss
McConnell, Rob - Boss Brass - RCA Canadian
Mr. Lucky
Oranj Symphonette - Plays Mancini - GramaVision
A chat in studio with Flaps Martin Newman and John Higney; the local instrumentalists will be playing a free show at the Laurier Stage of the Ottawa International Jazz Festival June 22 at 2 p.m. and playing a "farewell" show next Saturday, June 28, at the Glue Pot.
Flaps - Again - Kelp Canadian
Mo Maui
Flaps - Again - Kelp Canadian
Babuji Dhire Chalna
Dutt, Guru - Hits from Guru Dutt - Grammophone Company of India, Ltd.
Tonight My Love
various - Bollywood Breaks - Outcaste
Red Lady Too
Harrison, George - Wonderwall Music - Apple
In the Morning
Simone, Nina - 'Nuff Said! - RCA
Walking on the Moon
Pamela, Lucia - Into Outer Space with - Arf! Arf!
The Surrey with the Fringe on the Top
Lee, Peggy - Latin ala Lee! - Capitol
Meu Mundo é Uma Bola
Pelé - Pelé - WEA
La Boulée
Forestier, Louise - the singer-composers of quebec - Gamma Canadian
La Reel à Dédé
Lejeune, André - à la canadienne - Totum Canadian
More Often Than Not
Ian & Sylvia - The Best of - Columbia Canadian
Here Come the Crucifiers
Cervenka, Exene - Old Wives' Tales - Rhino
Feuerstack, Michael - tambourine death bed - Forward Canadian
Skeleton Jaw
Carolina Hum - mp3 - Carolina Hum Canadian New
Up in the Belfry
Winchester Warm - sky one room - Winchester Warm Canadian
Nobody's Fool
Kinks - Muswell Hillbillies - Sanctuary
Police Department Blues
Griffith, Andy - Shouts the Blues and Old TImey Songs - Capitol
Sweet Marie
Snow, Hank - The Guitar Stylings of - RCA Victor Canadian
Toujours un coin qui me rappelle
Ciari, Claude with orchestra - The Sensational 12 String Guitar of - Capitol Canadian
Botho Lucas Singers und die Sound Masters - Popshopping 2 - Crippled Dick Hot Wax