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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday August 21st, 2013 with Dick Altavista
Great Music!

The Hornettes - The Hornettes Canadian New
Hee Hee Hee Ha Ha Ha Bye Bye
Still Winter Hils - Late Night Souls Canadian New
G. Rogers & The Capital Dominion Radiators - pre-release Canadian New
Les Mosquitos - Chasing The Dragon Canadian New
Dark Cave
The Scenics - Dead Man Walks Down Bayview Canadian New
Nothing Means Nothing
Peter Buck - Peter Buck New
Ty Segall - Sleeper New
R. W. Haller - Wasted Time Canadian New
Pistol George Warren - Hoots Deluxe Canadian New
She Thinks I Still Care
Leon Russell - Hank Wilson's Back Volume !
Anyway I Love You
Tex Perkins And The Band Of Gold - Tex Perkins And The Band Of Gold New
I'll Take A Chance
Greenfield Main - Barnburners & Heartchurners Canadian
The Last Time Again
The Bible All-Stars - The Bible All-Stars Canadian
The Bruitals - Here Come The Bruitals Canadian
Lost In New Orleans
Jack Pine & The Fire - Jack Pine & The Fire Canadian
Last Shot At Redemption
The Bushpilots - Swerve Canadian
Shannon Rose & The Thorns - Winter Canadian
Evil Feeds
The House Of Haunts - The House Of Haunts Canadian New
Cinnamon Girl
The Gentrys - The Gentrys
The Pack AD - Unpersons Canadian
Non-Alignment Pact
Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance
O My Soul
Big Star - Radio City
Come A Little Closer
The Oblivians - Desperation New
Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle - Let's Just Stay Here Canadian
Patti Smith Group - Radio Ethiopia
GOOD2GO - C'Mon Canadian