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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday May 12th, 2010 with Dick Altavista & Martha Walsh and Connor Mercury live in studio "A".

Both Kinds Roller Rink Theme
jimmy & The Love Muffins - demo Canadian
In California
Neko Case - Live from Austin TX.
If I'm Not Dead
Pawnshop Diamond - Leaning To the Sun Canadian
In Contempt Of Me
Jr. Gone Wild - Folk You: The Guido Sessions Canadian
To California
Black Boot Trio - Blood Canadian
Beatiful Night
Trevor Alguire - Now Before Us Canadian New
Carolyn Mark & N.Q. Arbuckle - Let's Just Stay Here Canadian
Please Stay
Mark Ripp & The Confessors - Long Story Short Canadian New
King Hipster
Little Foot Lonng Foot - Harsh Words Canadian
Rites Of Spring
The Superfantastics - Choose Your Destination Canadian
Any Sense Of Time
The Inbreds - Kombinator Canadian
San Francisco
Connor Mercury - Live in Studio "A". Canadian
To Be
Connor Mercury - Live in Studio "A". Canadian
My Heart Beating
Connor Mercury - Live in Studio "A". Canadian New
San Francisco
The Anybody - Let It Damn Well Hurt Canadian New
Patio To Stereo
Chris Page - date With A Smoke Machine Canadian New
Mean Streak
Jim Bryson - Live At The First Baptist Church Canadian
Andrew Vincent - Rotten Pear Canadian
Oh Jesus
Matt Ouimet - Oh Jesus Canadian New
Sin City
The Bushpilots - Seven Ways To Braodway Canadian
Three Orange Whips
Evil Farm Children - Three Orange Whips 7" Canadian New
Yilani Kilise Blues
Mark Alexander McIntyre - Situs Inverus Totalis Canadian New
My Mama Raised Me
Vapourizer - Live At Barnstorm 10 Canadian
Sewer Love
The Suppositories - Moments Of Square Violence Canadian