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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday July 31st, 2013 with Dick AltavIsta

El Dorado
Dang Guilty - Tail Draggin' Canadian
Ian Hunter - Welcome To The Club
Till Victory
Patti Smith Group - Easter
Lawyers, Guns & Money
Warren Zevon - Stand In The Fire
Late Night Tales
G. Roger & The Capital Dominion Radiators - Pre-Release Canadian New
Love Gives
Shannon Ross - Jackrabbit Canadian New
Soupy Sales
Jim Bryson - The Occasionals Canadian
The Pop Shove Its - The Pop Shove Its Canadian
The Bridge
Still Winter Hills - Pre-Release Canadian New
Shock Therapy
No Fly List - Blaze On Canadian
I Need Somebody
Kim Salmon & Spencer P. Jones - Runaways New
Call The Police
Oblivians - Desperation New
They Really Can Shake
Glorius Moon Rockets - Glorius Moon Rockets Canadian
Police & Theives
The Clash - The Clash
'Til I Gain Control Again
Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel
High School Blues
Pistol George Warren - Hoote Deuce
Life Passes (and old fires die)
The Good Family Album - The Good Family Album Canadian New
Dirty Little Mind
Steve Stacey & Stiumpslpitters - Tall Tales, Fibs And Outright Lies Canadian
Slo' Tom - 7" Canadian New
New Country Rehab - Ghost Of Your Charms Canadian New
Neil & Emmylou
Jupiter Ray Project - grassfire Canadian
Out On The Road Tonight
The Claytones - Lake In The Night Canadian
Roll Another Number
Neil Young - Tonight's The Night Canadian
Up In The Belfry
Winchester Warm - Sky One Room Canadian
Swing The Hammer
John Allaire - Up Hill...Both Ways Canadian
Drinking My Way Back To You
Lucky Ron & The Rhode Island Reds - Lucky Ron & The Rhode Island Reds Canadian New
Wanna Play Music
Jack Pelletier And The Battle Of Ontario - Friends And Lovers Canadian
Strong & Free
R.W. Haller - Wasted Time Canadian New
Wicked World
Furnaceface - And The Daysd Are Short Agian Canadian
Interactive CKCU
G. Rogers: excellent song!

1:49 PM, July 31st, 2013
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