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Both Kinds Of Music
Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 with Dick Altavista And Martha Walsh

Pyschotic Girl
The Black Keys - Attack & Release
Oh Boy!
She & Him - Rave On Buddy Holly
(baby you ain't) Tough Enough
Mother's Children - Two Much...Never Enough Canadian
Beer Store
Resin Scraper - Capital City Cook Out Canadian
I wish I was your mother
Mott The Hoople - Mott
Way Down South
G. Rogers and the Capital Dominion Radiators - Live at the Elmdale Canadian New
Once in a Lifetime
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
The Rezillos - The Modern World - UK Punk II
Return Of The Grievous Angel
Gram Parsons - Grievous Angel
For The Sake of The Song
Townes Van Zandt - For The Sake Of The Song
You Fight Your Fight and I'll fight Me
Doug Kershaw - The Cajun Way
Parlez-nous A Boire
Chris Stafford - The Music of Louisiana
Highway # 9
James Leclaire - Until it Passes By Canadian New
St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor
HaHa Tonka - Buckle In the Bible Belt
I've Got You Up My Sleeves
Camp Radio - Campista Socialista Canadian
Dead Man's Hand Blues
Dang Guilty - Dang Guilty Canadian
Dead Man's Hand
HaHa Tonka - Death of A Decade
The Life I Lead
Howard Rent-A-Car - Howard Rent-A-Car Canadian
Mama I know
Jim Bryson & Jeremy Fisher - Catch And Release Volume Two Canadian New
Itchycoo Park
The Small Faces - Grass The Soundtrack
Speed Demon
Lefty McRighty & The Sinister Six - Nashville Roadkille Canadian
Dear Electric Company
Ninety Pounds of Ugly - Never Goin' Back Canadian New
Anti-Hero Worship
Capital Grass And The No Men - Don't Wait For the Mountain Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Tuned in late; forgot what day it is. First song I hear is Mott the Hoople, and that's perferct.

1:52 PM, January 2nd, 2013
Link to an autobiography from Ian Hunter:

2:17 PM, January 2nd, 2013
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Thanks Jeb - we knew someone would know!

2:20 PM, January 2nd, 2013
Bobby keep playing that Doo WAP

3:38 PM, January 2nd, 2013
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