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Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 with Patrick Peori and Jane Skrypnek
Winter 2019 - Episode 8

It was a busy week as our reporters were out and about around town covering all the hottest issues. Some of this was in the literal sense, as Levi Garber investigated global warming’s dire effects on the Arctic, while Ryan Curley looked into what the new carbon tax will mean for some folks in Ottawa. Global warming isn’t the only thing sending smoke into the air. Ottawa’s first private pot stores are now open, and Hannah Berge and Jenn Colavincenzo were on the scene to see how cannabis enthusiasts and concerned residents are adjusting to their new neighbours. Federal efforts to tackle persistent dangers were another hot topic this week, with a focus on gun violence and dangers in our food. Jenn C. examined the proposed Bill C-71, which hopes to tighten gun laws, while Ryan looked at how Canadians can reduce salmonella illnesses. It’s a defining time for women politicians in Canada. Patrick Peori introduces us to the young women who have descended on Ottawa for the Daughters of the Vote event that looks to close the gender gap in politics. Patrick also spoke with local political figure Christine McAllister for more context on what it’s like to run for office as a woman. The gender gap has manifested itself in pay as well, and our own Ash Abraham takes a look at how a new law could help level the playing field when it comes to equal pay for equal work. A certain “responsibility gap” may also be about to narrow a bit, but Midweek’s Jane Skrypnek found out that a male contraception pill will come with complications. Ash Abraham also looked at the sensitive world of sex workers, and how a law aimed to prevent sex trafficking is actually having a harmful effect on women in this line of work. Museum exhibits tell a story — and there’s a story behind the story, too: Midweek’s Lisa Johnson visited the Morsels of Memory exhibit at the City of Ottawa Archives that’s been mounted by curatorial studies students at Carleton University. Rebecca Friend (top), one of the student curators, explained what some of the treasures from food history have to tell us, and what goes into presenting this kind of encounter with the past. Hannah Berge returned with a pair of in-depth looks at the recent collapse of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, including what it means for the women’s game now and going forward — and the interesting insight that it may not be an entirely bad thing for women in the sport. Back on the political beat, Levi Garber hit the streets of the Rideau-Rockcliffe ward to see how some in the packed field of 17 candidates are seeking to separate themselves from the crowd in the upcoming by-election. And Patrick checked out why certain university student service centres were “blacking out” that day in protest against recent education decisions by Doug Ford’s Ontario government. Also in this episode, Kunqin Wang talked to volunteers with the local Ottawa organization Rainbow Brick Road about their efforts to sponsor a same-sex couple settling in Canada after fleeing persecution. And Midweek’s own resident superhero, Maz Atta, investigated whatever forces of darkness were at work to cause the breakdown of online ticket sales for the new Marvel Avengers movie. Not a bird, not a plane, but a pretty good reporter when it comes to getting a breaking story. So give this week’s episode a listen for all this and more!
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