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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday March 27th, 2024 with tic
# 1002. Gary Boyle

Hour 1, 7-8 a.m.
Master Pretender
First Aid Kit - Stay Gold
Autogramm - single - Beluga Records Canadian New
Caméra - single Canadian New
Working Hard
Dark Mean - single Canadian New
You Were Mine
Tami Neilson - Chickaboom!
Bring You Back In
Clay Orange - single New
Palm Trees and Pines
The Mad Caddies - Arrows Room 117 New
Hour 2, 8-9 a.m.

Known as “The Backyard Astronomer”, Gary Boyle is an astronomy educator, guest speaker, as well as a STEM educator. He has been interviewed on more than 55 Canadian radio stations as well as various television stations across Canada and the U.S. In recognition of his public outreach in astronomy, the International Astronomical Union has honoured him with the naming of Asteroid (22406) Garyboyle. Follow him on Facebook and his website:

There is also a great website showing totality duration. Simply click on your city of town:
Danger to Dream
Kandle - single Canadian New
Marathon Mike
Luiz Bruno - Chicken Dinner Canadian New
Will It Go Round In Circles
Billy Preston - Music Is My Life
We Can Find It
The Cyrkle - Revival New
Brittlestar - 27 Mar 24 Canadian
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 a.m.
Summer Fleeting
Acacia Lyra - single Canadian
Feel Like Falling
Hungrytown - Feel Like Falling - Big Stir Records New
Grosse Isle (Far Away)
Maggie's Wake - single Canadian New
…carpeted with our superstitions
Yoo Doo Right - The Sacred Fuck Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
tic (host)
Where is everyone?

8:30 AM, March 27th, 2024
Nathanael Newton (Monday Special Blend)
Omg I was so sad... The CME was scheduled to impact in the evening on Sunday but arrived mid morning instead.. I was all prepared to go out and film the Aurora with my new camera. I guess I'll have to wait till next time.. such is life

9:12 AM, March 27th, 2024
I'm here but quiet

9:13 AM, March 27th, 2024
Rich guy loaned me an old 2012 Volt plug in hybrid last summer. I loved it!!! It was quality made. Ran beautiful. Range limited but great on a little gas to finish trip home in the Hills!;-) The little gas engine when kicks in automatically powers generator to run electric engine. Brilliant!! A big Construction guy in $100,000 truck hit me on blind corner hill. I was stopped on right cause I saw him coming. Rich guy got $12,000 for the wreck from Insurance Co. I lost a free car!;-) Tabernoosh!

9:35 AM, March 27th, 2024
tic (host)
@ Nathanael... Thanks for listening.

9:37 AM, March 27th, 2024
tic (host)
@ HB. Tabernoosh!

9:38 AM, March 27th, 2024
hb you should write a folk sing about that

10:30 AM, March 27th, 2024