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Wednesday Special Blend

Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday September 14th, 2011 with tic & Adrianna

Hour 1, 7-8 AM
Until the Night
Hands and Teeth - Enjoy Your Lifestyle
Pussy Pussy Pussy
Light Crust Doughboys - Heros of Country Music Volume 1
Hillbilly Man
Gorillaz - The Fall
Boom Boom Room
Ginger St. James - O-Town Hoedown Compilation Canadian
Hour 2, 8-9 AM
Ben Caplan - In the Time of the Great
Worse Things Happen
Reverb Syndicate - Mondo Cactic Canadian New
Cardboard Cutout
Alert the Medic - Alert the Medic Canadian
There and Back Again Lane
Dot Dash - Spake-Flame-Ember-Ash
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 AM
Dot Dash - Spark-Flame-Ember-Ash
Dot Dash - Spark-Flame-Ember-Ash