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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 with tic
# 907. COVID # 88. Graven

Hour 1, 7-8 a.m.
Слуга Народу (Servant of the People)
Dmytro Shurov - Servant of the People
Haraldr - Jötunmóði Canadian New
A Whiter Shade of Pale
Procol Harum - Procol Harum
Whatever She Want
The Degenerates - single Canadian New
Ode To Billie Joe
Bobbie Gentry - BBC live 1968
Gájanas - Čihkkojuvvon New
Denis Leary - No Cure For Cancer
WonderBowel A Medimoji Poo-rody
ZDoggMD - single
Hour 2, 8-9 a.m. Graven (Matty McKechnie) is an Ottawa Canada-born indie folk musician and songwriter with 15 major musical releases since 2000. His songs have been called ‘thunderous’ and ‘warm’ in the same breath, and his varied musical influences make for a wild set of sonics and open-hearted lyricism that still stay rooted in his honest signature sound.
Simple Complex
Graven - Simple Complex Canadian New
Greener Grasses
Graven - Simple Complex Canadian New
Music Magic
Graven - Simple Complex Canadian New
Hard Time
Graven - Simple Complex Canadian New
Wish Star
Graven - Simple Complex Canadian New
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 a.m.
Church of Trees - Pish Posh Canadian New
Still Sober After All These Beers
Banditos - Banditos
Paragon Cause - Autopilot Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
RIP Mr Brooker

7:43 AM, March 2nd, 2022
AssHole nails it! Brilliant!

7:49 AM, March 2nd, 2022
tic, perfect track. I ditto what hillbilly said above.

7:54 AM, March 2nd, 2022
WonderBowel A Medimoji Poo-rody!!! I'm someone who has Crohn's disease so this was pretty funny.

7:59 AM, March 2nd, 2022
wonderbwel had me giggling, I needed to giggle thanks

8:00 AM, March 2nd, 2022
AH hillbilly
I want the pink cadillac with sealskin hubcaps...& a big, guess I'm an AH!;-)

8:08 AM, March 2nd, 2022
tic (host)
I'm still humming Asshole, are you? Thanks for listening everyone. I have to shovel and get firewood. And, I have a busted computer to take care of. Poo

8:42 AM, March 2nd, 2022
Jeff Larocque
Just heard Wish Star for the first time. What a great song Matty! FYI... I've switched the radio in our customer shuttle at work to 93.1 CKCUFM

9:20 AM, March 2nd, 2022
Aw thanks Jeff - and thanks Tic for an awesome show! I heard it live today and went back to sleep for a bit. :) you are the best. And I love that Bobbie Gentry tune.

10:18 AM, March 2nd, 2022