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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday December 8th, 2021 with tic
# 896. COVID # 77. Area Resident

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Hour 1, 7-8 a.m.
RedFox - Stranger Love Canadian New
Northern Lights, Southern Music
Ian Tamblyn - Closer To Home Canadian
We're Not Gonna Take It - Mariah Carey Christmas Special
There I Ruined It - single New
Captain Picard sings 'Let it Snow!'
James Covenant - single New
The Long Way Round
Rachel Love - Picture In Mind New
Winter Tragedy
David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels - single Canadian New
Holmbury Colts - Nonecumene EP Canadian New
Hour 2, 8-9 a.m. interview and informal fireside chit chat with Doug Hempstead live face to face interview at the home studio in Finch.
Area Resident is Doug Hempstead. A CBC radio journalist twice-a-day and basement recording artist by night. This is the music he makes, mostly alone.
Fight The Florists
Area Resident - single Canadian New
Lock Arm Panic
Area Resident - Area Resident Canadian
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 a.m.
Area Resident - single Canadian New
Custard Pie
Led Zepplin - Physical Graffitti
Spiders and Snakes
Jim Stafford - Jim Stafford
Lace My Kicks
Duff Kelly - single Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
looking forward to Doug's interview I will send an email with a suggestion for show # 900 thanks for doing what you do

7:34 AM, December 8th, 2021
Rachel Love sounding great on the radio this morning 👌

7:38 AM, December 8th, 2021
Home studio sounds great, tic!

8:25 AM, December 8th, 2021
Great interview with Doug & maybe I shouldn't have given away all my 8-tracks

8:42 AM, December 8th, 2021
Hey Wally Speaking of Rachel Love - I remember the Dolly Mixtures; John Peel was a big fan so I heard them a lot

8:47 AM, December 8th, 2021
Yes Mark, John Peel was a big fan and Mickey Bradley was telling me that they also supported The Undertones which was one of John Peel's favourites.

8:49 AM, December 8th, 2021
Teenage Kicks - his and my all time fave - I miss John Peel

8:51 AM, December 8th, 2021
What an amazing band and one of our bands (Dot Dash) had the privilege of being the support band for The Undertones on several of their US shows, but sadly I wasn't able to go to see them.

8:55 AM, December 8th, 2021
Hey tic & Doug, just went to the Bandcamp link and purchased a few of the Area Resident CD's (and I still prefer the CD format to play in the car 😊)

8:57 AM, December 8th, 2021
in fact tic a request for show 900 please Teenage kicks by The Undertones

9:07 AM, December 8th, 2021
tic (host)
Hi folks... Just checking in... I don't want to interrupt the convo between Mark and Wally... so cool.

9:34 AM, December 8th, 2021
Loved that Afterburner tune! Any more?

9:34 AM, December 8th, 2021
tic (host)
@Brent. Yes I'll play another next week. Thanks for listening.

9:49 AM, December 8th, 2021
Holmbury Colts sounded like Neu or Can to me, in the best way. I just picked up the Nonecumene ep on Bandcamp. Awesome. Keep the new music coming.

9:53 AM, December 8th, 2021
In case anyone is interested, The Rachel Love album is on Bandcamp - here is the link:

9:53 AM, December 8th, 2021
hey, Doug! hang in man! Been on the same trail many, (the partner of choice), and song is a very seductive path...1 yr. is good...but also a danger point...keep up the neck rubs! Lucky B!;-) Oh! Ron Hynes, "Dry" helps me...scares the S out a me!;-) Bonne chance!

10:27 AM, December 8th, 2021
highball the gates hillbilly
oh,to me 8 tracks is a siding on the railroad...i switched for the CNR in Thunder Bay!;-)

10:36 AM, December 8th, 2021
Excellent interview with Doug!

10:24 AM, December 14th, 2021