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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday July 7th, 2021 with tic
# 878. COVID # 59.

Master playlist of all YouTube videos played during COVID.
Hour one, 7-8 a.m.
Archives de Montréal

Big release this morning! We traced, identified and digitized all our archival photographs of shows held at Terre des Hommes between 1968 and 1971. Black Sabbath, Vanilla Fudge, Chuck Berry, Joan Baez, Frank Zappa, Guess Who, James Brown , Nina Simone, Mahogany Rush, Robert Charlebois, Gilles Vigneault, Barbara, France Gall, Ravi Shankar, Michèle Richard, Ginette Reno, Lee Gagnon, the Sinners or Leo Ferré are just some of the artists found there on stage. Partly unpublished footage to date! To discover these reports captured by Montreal City employees:
- Our full article with pictures, short story, show reviews and others:
- A selection of 158 photos of Quebec and Canadian artists:
- A selection of 182 photos of international artists:

NCC approves design principles for new Alexandra Bridge
Ian Tamblyn - Willisville Mountain Canadian
Silkken - Anchors Canadian New
Get Up Offa That Thing
James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing
Stephanie Said
Subterfuge - single New
Lucy Dacus - Home Video New
phone message
Ontario Ministry of Health - single Canadian New
Brittlestar - single Canadian New
Hour two, 8-9 a.m.
Encore Ottawa - Season 2
Two for Tea
Catriona Sturton with Rolf Klausener - demo Canadian
World Gone Crazy
Fresh Breath - How Did I Get Here Canadian New
When I Wanted Ottawa
Gerry Wall - The Early Dreams Canadian New
No One
Jane Mathew - Such Perfect Lives Canadian New
Zi Zai
Tennyson King - single Canadian New
Smile Back At Me
The Wildwood Family - single Canadian New
Canada Day 2021
Brittlestar - single Canadian New
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 a.m.

The Desmonds, Census, at Roosters, Carleton University
ITSNOTUME - single Canadian New
Petula Clarke - Downtown
The Desmonds - single Canadian
Interactive CKCU
oh my James Brown at 0730, if that does not get me moving nothing will

7:31 AM, July 7th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Whoa, ‘Thumbs.’ That’s HEAVY! Colleen was happy to be the winner of the Wheel of Names. I’m sure that many have had to sit through this vaccine voicemail that’s playing right now. Only on CKCU will you hear this.

7:56 AM, July 7th, 2021
Hannah dog is just the best - I think the recycling part was wonderful

8:38 AM, July 7th, 2021
Jack T
I'm hearing you do your recycling. So, about plastics : only a small percentage is recycled into new products, so why do we bother? Trucks, facilities, boats to other countries where it's burned in open fields. Perhaps we should NOT recycle plastics?

8:39 AM, July 7th, 2021
This show was Garbage!!! (;-) Recycle this!!! (;-)

8:59 AM, July 7th, 2021
Hillbilly: You're funny! Jack: I do my part. I know it doesn't go where it should, and I cannot change that. Shelley Ann: Yup Mark: Thanks!

9:21 AM, July 7th, 2021
Terry M.
I was thinking about Mark Valcour just the other day. Didn't know it was his birthday. Miss Mark and miss those days.

9:33 AM, July 7th, 2021
Thanks tic for another great show 👏

6:22 PM, July 7th, 2021