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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday June 16th, 2021 with tic
# 876. COVID # 57. Lynne Hanson

Master playlist of all YouTube videos played during COVID.
Hour one, 7-8 a.m.
Troubled Heart
Ian Tamblyn - Raincoast Canadian
Lake Mead
KTNV Las Vegas - single
All In Time
Sarah Boothroyd - Deep Wireless 8
Crazy Covid World
Fraser Hardman - County FM Songs Of Light Canadian New
On The Turning Away
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Brittlestar - single Canadian New
Hour two, 8-9 a.m.
Just Words
Lynne Hanson - Just Words Canadian
My Uncle's Navy
Neko Case - Hell-On
Lollipops and Roses
Lynne Hanson - Just Words Canadian
Hour two point five, 9-9:30 a.m.
Twin Flames - Omen Canadian
Geneviève Racette - Satellite Canadian New
Theodore Too gets special sendoff
CBC news - single Canadian
Theodore Tugboat
The Hit Crew - Drews Famous Presents kids TV Themes Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Oh my God, pain is not being able to switch the channel and being forced to listen to that Covid song. My God that's bad! The Infirm? Lol

7:44 AM, June 16th, 2021
Pink Floyd, Ian Tamblyn, Lynne Hanson....Life is good thanks tic

7:54 AM, June 16th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
My favourite Pink Floyd song! Thanks tic.

7:55 AM, June 16th, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Loved the ad for incentives for vaccines!

8:00 AM, June 16th, 2021
Huge Fan, hillbilly
WOW!!! I'm sending her $$$ . It's just a token...but lotta heart behind it...Lynne Hanson is a Music Goddess!!! True!!!

9:04 AM, June 16th, 2021
Great show. u a damn fine interview...gotta say....

9:06 AM, June 16th, 2021