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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday February 24th, 2021 with tic
# 862. COVID # 43. Wally Salem

Master playlist of all YouTube videos played during COVID.

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Hour 1, 7-8 a.m.
Theme For Great Cities
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream
Goodbye ByTown
Lynn Miles - single Canadian New
Wake Up Boy
Taming Sari - Thirsty from the Drought Canadian
Do What Fits
David James Allen - Radiations Canadian New
Blair Michael Hogan - Shit’s Gettin’ Weird (Around Here) Canadian New
My Journey Through Sound and Movement
Rise Ashen - single Canadian New
TFW - TFW Canadian New
iPhone sound effect (acapella)
MayTree - single
Hour 2, 8-9 a.m. interview with Wally Salem
Music that is created for the sheer LOVE of it. Music that celebrates the melody and the harmony, the magnificent and the eccentric. The Beautiful Music is dedicated to distributing Music that soars above the musical landscape in the Jet Stream of POP.
Get Through This
Armstrong - Under Blue Skies Canadian
Nick Danger & the DCR - The Return of Nick Danger- Thrillogy of Danger Episode I Canadian
When The Boys Happy
The Seagurls - Dream Girls At Direct New
Honey Bee
Lisa Mychols & Super 8 - Lisa Mychols & Super 8 New
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 a.m.
World's A Bitch
Church Of Trees/Carole Pope - single Canadian New
Cee and Dee - Dream Girls At Direct New
Movie Intro Medley (Acapella)
MayTree - single
Interactive CKCU
Thanks so much tic for the interview and featuring some of our releases 👌👍😊

9:22 AM, February 24th, 2021
Good laid back show. Wally is like a fountain- no - a waterfalls!

10:44 AM, February 24th, 2021