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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday January 15th, 2020 with tic
# 811.

Hour 1, 7-8 a.m.
Wake Up
Duga Radar - Crocus and Old Lilac Canadian
Moonlight Shadow
Mike Oldfield - Platinum
Like Clockwork
Boomtown Rats - A Tonic For The Troops
Breaking Into Cars
The Raveonnetes - In And Out Of Control
Hour 2, 9-9:30 a.m.
Never Stop
Chilly Gonzales - Electronic Beats Festival in Graz (29 May 2013)
Legend Of You
Graven - Years Canadian New
Paragon Cause - Escape deluxe edition Canadian
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 a.m.
Emerald Eyes
Andy Brown - False Alarm
Don't Make A Sound
Area Resident - Viscount Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Cowboy Bob
Is it nutting time down on the farm again? I thought they castrated the yearlings in the spring or early summer.....

7:00 AM, January 15th, 2020
Haru Ki
Thanks for the info

7:20 AM, January 15th, 2020
Dick Altavista
See Duga Radar May 2 at Irene’s with The Fog and No Problem Situation

7:21 AM, January 15th, 2020
Motor Mouth
luv da phone! luv it! will answer 2 in mornin. Who died? eh? full disclosure: never rings anymore! hope Montreal DJ in big station in sky...

8:47 AM, January 15th, 2020
Motor Phone
sorry...had to do said you never answer...."hold" is loneliest place in da world ! heee hee!

9:02 AM, January 15th, 2020
Big Dick
learned my lesson. will never fool around in school again.

9:14 AM, January 15th, 2020
AWSOME show! Raveonettes!!!

12:36 PM, January 15th, 2020
Jay and Michelle of Paragon Cause
Thanks Tic! Love it, just finished recording our 4th album (2021) release with Sune today, he is here until tomorrow. Incredible again, perhaps we can give you a sneak peek one of these days :) Thanks for the shout out and playign the Raveonettes! Great band

12:48 PM, January 15th, 2020