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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday June 25th, 2014 with tic
Amnesia Rockfest Review, Lefty McRighty

Show #533, Hour 1, 7-8 AM
Amnesia Rockfest review
Sweater Song
Weezer - ?
School of Assassins
Anti Flag - Rock against Bush
No News is good news
New Found Glory - Rock against Bush
Hour 2, 8-9 AM
Amnesia Rockfest review
Tragic Kingdom
Cradle of Filth - ?
Sweet Caroline
Me First and the Gimme Gimmies - Me First and the Gimme Gimmies
Blink182 - Dude Ranch
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Primus - They Can't all be zingers
Hour 3, 9-10 AM
Love at the bottom of a bottle
90 Pounds of Ugly - Never Going Back Canadian
Tranzpotter - Tranzpotter
Here Time stands still
James Leclaire & the Cable 22's - Of What is Left Canadian New