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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday May 26th, 2010 with tic

The Balconies - The Balconies Canadian New
Needle in the Groove
Brett Caswell & The Marquee Rose - A New Balance Canadian New
Truck Driving Blues
Steve Stacey & The Stump Splitters - Tall Tales, Fibs, & Outright Lies Canadian
Hour 2, 8-9 AM
Run To You
Lou Barlow - Bryan Adams cover
BBC Segment 3
BBC - VoiceDude Mashumentary
Black Sister
Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley - VoiceDude Mashumentary
If Nobody Beleives
Flow 14 - The Divine Pinata Canadian New
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 AM
Industrial Bitch
Dollhaus -