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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday May 5th, 2010 with tic

Elias - Lasting distraction - Audioblood Canadian New
The Balconies - The Balconies - Audioblood Canadian New
track 4
Brett Caswell and the Marquee Rose - A New Balance - Audioblood Canadian New
Leaving Capital City For Good
The Mercury Program - From the vapor of Gasoline
Three Orange Whips
Evil Farm Children - 7 inch magenta coloured spin art 45 single - Dad's Favourite Records Canadian New
Hour 2, 8-9 AM
Family Economics
Gentlemen Husbands - Mirror Doll Business - Audioblood Canadian New
Are You Ready
Trevor Alguire - Now Before Us - indie Canadian New
Hollowed Bones
Ember Swift - Lentic Canadian New
Devil went to the beach
New Order vs Charlie Daniels - Free Music / Mashup
jj - no 2
Hour 2.5, 9-9:30 AM
The Social Icons - I'm there, you're here - The Beautiful Music Canadian New
Life from Above
Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers - Home and the Wild Hunt - Electric Honey New