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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday May 22nd, 2013 with tic
Terry Gomes

show #478, hour 1, 7-8 AM
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Bark Canadian
East Coast Jam
The Humble Divines - The Road Canadian New
The Dog is Mine
K-os - The Dog is Mine
One Great City
The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site Canadian
hour 2, 8-9 AM, interview with Terry Gomes
Terry Gomes - Shh Canadian New
They Went That-A-Way
Terry Gomes - Shh Canadian New
Shake Shop Shenanigans
Terry Gomes - Shh Canadian New
hour 3, 9-10 AM
Gary Barlow -
Greet Death
Destroyer of Light - youtube
Fresh Prince of Belair
Will Smith - youtube
Interactive CKCU
Nut Bag Crazy Person
Play this tune and watch the video. Bass player is a mix between David Yazbeck and Richard parks.

7:49 AM, May 22nd, 2013
You don't hate Winnipeg, do you? :)

7:59 AM, May 22nd, 2013
Nut Bag Crazy Person
Where is my song?

8:07 AM, May 22nd, 2013
Mike Mercer
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Moore Oklahoma who lost a hell of a lot of everything in the deadly tornado outbreak on Monday which was an EF5.

8:48 AM, May 22nd, 2013
Here's the photo link taken from today's show,

9:10 AM, May 22nd, 2013
nut bag crazy guy
Heard a guy talking about consciousness and how we are "computers" the other night. It sounded like a TED talk. Any ideas?

2:41 AM, May 25th, 2013
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