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Wednesday Special Blend
Wednesday April 10th, 2013 with tic
Project Mars

Show #472, hour 1, 7-8 AM
John Keane's Boys
Laura Smith - Everything is Moving Canadian New
Mo Maui
The Flaps - Again Canadian New
The Monkeys Uncle
Annette Funicello - All Bikini Beach
One of these days
Teddy Thompson - WORD Compilation
It'll be Allright
Beth Fergusan - Inside Talking Canadian
hour 2, 8-9 AM
Who'll be the next in line
The Mighty Diamelles - cover track
Candy Man
Woody Johnson - Woody Johnson Canadian New
Tricky Sandman
Run DMC vs Metallica - mashup
Bitch Free Zone
Leslie Rohonczy - demo Canadian New
Drag Me Down
Doghouse Rose - No Mercy Canadian
hour 3, 9- 10 AM interview with Project Mars, MS Fundraiser
Institutional Rights
Blast From the Sun - demo Canadian
Wake up
Jay Coyle Band - demo Canadian
Interactive CKCU
How is Mr Sniffle? Yes indeed what a pile of crap these banks deal us...enjoying the show on channel 944. Rogers cable at home.

8:00 AM, April 10th, 2013
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