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Tread Lightly
Thursday July 5th, 2012 with Neal Johnstone
Ottawa punk history

Tonight It's all Local Ottawa punk music spanning the 70's up to now. Jeff Martin (Garaga) will be in the passenger seat to "enlighten" with his memories of the Ottawa scene way back when. This One Hour show turned out to be a Two Hour Show that featured a wider spectrum of music than just punk.
Rock Hamster
Garaga - S/T - n/a Canadian
Kloven Hoofs - 2009 ep - n/a Canadian
Dismantle My Heart
Holy Cobras - Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff - Telephone Explosion Canadian
When I'm Screaming
Banditas - S/T - Last Drag Canadian
Grown Up Age
Bureaucrats - 45rpm - Vip Canadian
Twistin Up The Beach
The Curtains - 45rpm - Mannequin Canadian
Playschool Socialist
Restless Virgins - Live (45rpm) - T.C.M Canadian
Seems Like The Other Way Around
Fluid Waffle - 45rpm - Skull Duggery Canadian
Human Torch
Porcelain Forehead - What The World Needs Now - Corpus Callosum Canadian
Honest Injun - Rosenthal Effect - Honest Injun Canadian
Rockin At The Rideau
Deep Six - 45rpm - Nomad Canadian
Sucked Into Drugland
Funaceface - 45rpm - Skull Duggery Canadian
I don't care
Grave Concern - S/T - ? Canadian
New Age
Neanderthal Sponge - S/T - See Spot Run Canadian
Shock Absorber
Resin Scraper - Duh Factor - Birdman Canadian
Big Papa Punk - Demo ep - N/A Canadian
Trigger Pulls the finger
Red Pony - S/T - n/a Canadian
This is where the on demand portion of the show comes in. With Red Pony
Fucking Machines - Stole My Quarter - Last Drag Canadian
Dender In My Bender
Weapons Of Mass Seduction - S/T? - Going Gaga Canadian
You're Creepin' Me Out
The Creeps - 45rpm - Goblin? Canadian
Visitors - Avenging the Visigoths - Going Gaga Canadian
What It Is You're Coming Back For
Nineteenseventyeight - Quit this human race - Kelp Canadian
Summer Down In Flames
Flecton - Never Took A Wife - Kelp Canadian
Kojak with a Kodak
Jesus Mullet - Waiting for the next wagon - Sir Punkly Canadian
Molson Ex-Girlfriend
Bitchin Camaros - S/T - N/A Canadian
Thought I Knew ya
Mighty Eagle Band - Arthur Street Sessions - N/A Canadian
One Of A Kind
Muffler Crunch - True Love - Demo Canadian
Junk Island
Shakey Aches - 45rpm - Pretty Bad Canadian
More Like It
Chris Page - Will the Bytown by unbroken - Kelp Canadian
Estee Tabernac - S/T - Terry Productions Canadian
In effect Like Fection
Derogatory D - S/T - Terry Productions Canadian
Sunshine Southside
Cousin James Gang - S/T - Demo Canadian
Ottawa Today
Red Squares - Smash The State - No Exit Canadian
the last 3 track are not from an Ottawa Band, but these were songs that were going to be played by a Head cover band (Neck) featuring Jeff Martin from Garaga.
Larry Tate
Head - Heil Head - ???
Head - Heil Head - ???
I ain't no weak tit
Head - Heil Head - ???
Interactive CKCU
great show - I especially liked the Mighty Eagle Band song. That vocalist is amazing!

11:44 PM, July 5th, 2012
hugo von splatterton
stay tuned for a complete list probably on Monday.

1:36 PM, July 7th, 2012
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