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Tread Lightly
Thursday March 29th, 2012 with Neal Johnstone with co/host Lloyd Smiley

First solo show without Ms. Corkery. This was a 45rpm show.
Thierry et le Muddle Machine - 45rpm - Gamma
On Tour
Steve Harris - 45rpm - Stone
Baby Ruth
Butterfingers - 45rpm Canadian
Perche due non fa tre
Rita Pavone - 45rpm - RCA Victor International
I don't want to know
Emmerson Carruthers - 45rpm - Summus Canadian
Let it all hang out
the Hombres - 45rpm - Verve
Do Something Nice today
Pete Schofield & the Canadians - 45rpm - PS Canadian
Kill the Hairy Beast
Efrem - 45rpm - Columbia Canadian
I Want to Turn You On
Second Helping - 45rpm - Much Canadian
Hold Tight
Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - 45rpm
Bagpipe Bomp
Wee Gary & His Piper Cubs - 45rpm - RCA Victor
Blues in the Night
Jerry Jackson - 45rpm
Dream Girl
Oscar Mack - 45rpm - Stax
Somethings in My Way
Noah - 45rpm Canadian
Gold in Acapulco
Bus Station - 45rpm - much Canadian
Can You Feel the Vibrations
Soul Brothers Six - 45rpm
Hot Trip
Ritchie Family - 45rpm
Break My Mind
Debbie Lori Kaye - 45rpm - Columbia Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Lisa Corkery
Wow I don't know any of this... I'm going to assume it kicked associated.

11:04 AM, April 4th, 2012
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