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Alan Surmachynski

Alan Surmachynski
Tuesday April 19th, 2016 with Alan Surmachynski

An eclectic selection of music from the sixties to the present with an emphasis on rock with some blues, hip-hop and funk thrown in for good measure.
Stop Messin Round 1969
Fleetwood Mac - English Rose
Young girl blues
Joe Louis Walker - Everybody Wants a Piece
Lemme see you growl
Peter & The Wolves - Papa's goin out of town Canadian New
I could have stood up to you 1988
Kieth Richards - Talk is Cheap
Oddball Dance 1976
City Boy - City Boy
Baby's on fire 1973
Eno - Here come the warm jets
Constellation eyes
Chairs - Drawn into Mazes Canadian
The sound of business 1985
Daid Byrne - Music for the knee plays
Just like you 1986
Mimistry - Twitch
The Queen is Dead 1986
The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
The Main Thing 1982
Roxy Music - Avalon
I must go 1984
Lindsey Buckingham - Go Insane
Pretty little things 1986
Shriekback - Big Night Music
Typical American 1992
The Goats - Tricks of the Shade
Under the influence 1995
Axiom Funk - Funkronomicon
Playing with fire 1991
Material - The Third Power
A good name
Shad - TSOC Canadian
Right to go 1987
The Style Council - The Cost of Loving
Rocket Juice & The Moon - Honest Jons Records Comp.
Latin lady 1978
Gato Barbieri - Tropico
Funny Ways 1977
Gentle Giant - Live
Wishing well 1989
Bob Mould - Workbook
Western Union 1967
The Five Americans - Western Union
Interactive CKCU
Alan, I did not know that 'warm jets' was Eno's 1st solo and I own that record! Were you at the Record Show earlier this month?

8:53 PM, April 19th, 2016
Alan Surmachynski (host)
Hey, it's CKCU ! No, I did not go to it.

9:04 PM, April 19th, 2016
Well I'm sure it was not essential to be there. The Eno reference made me think of it since I saw one vendor selling Eno's ambient releases (used copies) at $30-$40 which seemed outrageously over priced. Saw similar hefty price tags elsewhere. Caused me to question the sanity of buying records there...

9:11 PM, April 19th, 2016
Alan Surmachynski (host)
In the past I did get some good deals there but I find it just a tad crowded for my tastes. Those are crazy prices. You would have to be a true fan.

9:16 PM, April 19th, 2016