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Music For A While
Monday February 5th, 2024 with David Cavlovic
Everybody Talkin' About Heaven Ain't Gwine There

Finnish composer Jean Sibelius essentially stopped composing for the last thirty years of his life--with one notable exception: he composed and arranged songs for Marian Anderson. He felt the African-American singer truly understood the Nordic Spirit.
Joseph Matthews “Wingy” Manone: San Sue Strut
Casa Loma Orchestra; Henry Biagini, leader - The 1930s - Big Bands - CBS Jazz Masterpieces
Ruiqi Wang: Subduing the Silence
Ruiqi Wang, voice; Stephanie Urquhart, piano; Summer Kodama, bass; Mili Hong, drums; Craft Ensemble: Colleen Brennon, violin; Amy Sims, violin; Amelia Hollander, viola; Velleda Miragias, ‘cello - Ruiqi Wang. Subduing the Silence - Orchard of Pomegranates Canadian
I. Xiang Leng Jin Ni No. 1
II. A Letter to L
III. Vibrating
IV. A Descent of Lilies
V. Xiang Leng Jin Ni No. 2
VI. I Am a Tree
VII. Dream of the Pines
VIII. Deep Stillness
IX. Xiang Leng Jin Ni No. 3
X. Fragmented for Subduing the Silence
Carlos Chávez: Symphony No. 2, Sinfonía india
London Symphony Orchestra; Eduardo Mata, conductor - Chávez Complete Symphonies. London Symphony Orchestra. Eduardo Mata - Brilliant Classics
Marian Anderson, contralto; Franz Rupp, piano; *Kosti Vehanen, piano - Marian Anderson. Spirituals - RCA Victor Red Seal
Arr. Hall Johnson: Hold On!
Arr. Florence Beatrice Price: My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord
Arr. Harry Thacker Burleigh: Hard Trials
Arr. Lawrence Brown: Dere’s No Hidin’ Place Down Dere
Arr. Edward Boatner: Trampin’
Arr. Hall Johnson: City Called Heaven*
Arr. Roland Hayes: Lord, I Can’t Stay Away*
Arr. Harry Thacker Burleigh: Heaven*
Interactive CKCU

11:25 AM, February 5th, 2024
Simply stunning spirituals, David.

12:13 PM, February 5th, 2024
Mahalia Jackson! grew up hearing her...

12:29 PM, February 5th, 2024