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Music For A While
Wednesday August 10th, 2022 with David Cavlovic

Mychael Danna and I have been friends since our university days studying at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. As a composer, Danna took an elective course on Medieval music; a course I was a required to take for my Music History degree. The ONE TIME Mychael did better than me.... lolz.
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Ballettae a 4 Violettae
Concentus musicus Wien; Nikolaus Harnoncourt, director - Biber. Battalia. Pauernkirchfahrt. Ballette. Sonate. Nikolaus Harnoncourt/Concentus musicus Wien - Teldec Das Alte Werk Reference
V. (Gavotte)
VI. (Loure)
VII. (Minuett)
Suite traditionnelle anglaise
La Villanelle de Paris: Lysie-Anne Allain, Northumbrian small-pipe; Tanguy Allain, Northumbrian small pipe, oboe, bombard; Saïd el Fassi, vielle; Didier Rivraud, violin; René Sicard, bassoon; Claude Tailhades, vielle, director - Vielles et musettes au XVIIIe siècle - BNL Productions
I. Archie’s Fancy
II. Lamshaw’s Fancy
III. Rededale Hornpipe
Mychael Danna: Music for the film Lilies
The Hilliard Ensemble: David James, countertenor; Gordon Jones, baritone; John Potter, tenor; Rogers Covey-Crump, high tenor; with: Kenan Burrows, soprano; David Gould, countertenor; Robert Grim, trumpet; Kirk Worthington, ‘cello - Lilies. Mychael Danna - Varèse Sarabande Canadian
Libera Me
Ave Verum Corpus
Kyrie I
Kyrie II
Lux Aeterna
Alleluia, Justus Germinabit
Sanctus I
Sanctus II
Benedictus I
Benedictus II
Lamentations of Jeremiah
In Paradisium
Dies Irae I
Dies Irae II
Pie Jesu
Libera Me
Agnus Dei
Interactive CKCU
Some the best Pauernkirchfahrting I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! Hard to believe this Danna fellow was better than you at it!

12:47 PM, August 14th, 2022