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House of PainT Takeover!
Saturday August 21st, 2021 with Various Hosts
House Of PainT takeover Day ONE

ARE YOU READY???? THIS is ABOUT to drop. House Of PainT on CKCU in FULL EFFECT. LISTEN up.... come say HI =>
~An Introduction from the House Of Paint Executive Director and CKCU's Program Director....
Blending non-verbal spells and using West African spirituals as hooks, Nigerian-born, Canadian-based musician, Asuquomo [AT-SU-KWO-MO], maintains an unmistakable sound and unique dexterity for storytelling through a Pan-African narrative as an Afro-Fusion artist.

In 2019, Asuquomo opened for international artists Burna Boy, Falz the Bahd Guy, and Wizkid, and was awarded the 2020 Emerging Artist Award by Ottawa Arts Council x RBC. That same year, he released an extended-play project, DIOBU, which was financially supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Pitchfork Magazine described the EP as a project which “explores themes of family, home, and the immigrant experience in his adopted city,” in their 20 Great Records You May Have Missed: Summer 2020 seasonal roundup.

In October 2020, Asuquomo released the music video for his single, “Don’t Be Scared”, which was funded by the City of Ottawa. Following the release, American Songwriter Magazine described the visuals as “spastic and piercing, aggressive and personal, intriguing and entrancing” in their Five to Discover: Acts You Need to Know, with Asuquomo being the only Canadian act spotlighted. Awarded the SAW Prize for New Works 2021, Asuquomo has invested prize funds into his debut full-length album, set for release early 2022 - stay tuned! In the meantime, check out his song ‘Yahweh’ on Exclaim! Canada’s Top 25 EP’s of 2020 playlist on Spotify.
Live studio session (24:11)
ASUQUOMO - Canadian
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam***

Zarah Maria Willow
Zarah was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a multidisciplinary artist: storyteller, writer and poet. Her work has been published in the Arc Poetry Magazine, Sawdust Reading Series Collective and the Young Black Women’s Project anthology. Zarah shares her art with the intention of cultivating honest and purposeful community spaces. Her work explores themes such as generational trauma, vulnerability, connectivity and healing.

Anto Chan
Anto is a performance artist, writer, producer & caregiver. He performed his one-person show "Love So Far” at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2019. He has featured at the Hong Kong Comedy Festival, The Sleeping in our Car Tour & Rise Poetry. He currently co-produces "FreeFlow Showcase”, and his chapbook Love So Far: Romantic Reflections was recently released in 2020. He ran a daily National Poetry Month collective writing group on Clubhouse through Speech Therapy and continues to mentor artists. His life’s work is to create and support meaningful works that centre around the journey of growth, self-love and healing.
more to come....
DJ set # 1 (18:47)
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)

Kamal Hakim aka. Cannon2x is a Musician, spoken word artist and filmmaker/photographer raised in Ottawa. Published author, public speaker and arts educator. Community advocate and a father of 4.
more to come....
-- FIVE & TENS --
Five and Tens are a instrumental band based out of Mississauga named after highway intersection Hurontario and Dundas Street (5 & 10), This Marty Award emerging group brings an eclectic mix of music and influences from around the world into one groove. They are known as the brothers in the groove. The quartet is composed of Sean Jackson on bass, Nick Vidal on Drums, Anthony Vidal on Keyboards and Ray Vidal on Guitar. They are the official studio band from the indie record label VR Recordings which is considered Mississauga's very own Daptone, Colemine Records and Truth & Soul Records.

Erik Stolpmann talked to Ray from Five & Tens on his program "Curiocity" (Mondays 10AM)
...but here's brief segment from it before their set.
Live studio set (50:32)
FIVE & TENS - Canadian
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)

Apollo the Child
Khaleefa ‘Apollo the Child’ Hamdan is a spoken word poet, hip hop artist, radio host, youth worker and is the former co director of the Urban Legends Poetry Collective. His cinepoem 'My Hero Drives a Cab' was featured on Button Poetry and he was part of the CBC documentary 'In Their Words'. Apollo has represented Ottawa a total of 9 times nationally. Apollo continues to be an active part of the art scene as he continues to grow and spread positivity.

Kym Dominique-Ferguson is a Born Jamhaitianadian. A theatre artist and filmmaker learned, a poet born he pays hommage to his roots which span from the oceans of the Caribbean all the way to the continent holding Canada. His multicultural upbringing, language and background influence his work, and his first EP aptly titled Born Jamhaitianadian.
more to come....
-- HUESO --
Hueso is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter perfectly tied in with the age of melodies and lyricism. Hueso hit the scene in 2019 with a modern twist to trap rap. Releasing music on his own, he quickly found success with his debut mixtape, Offszn.
Hueso has a strong, resonant sound that often stays with listeners. His music is best-described as blending elements of smooth vocals and lyricism, upbeat sounds and distinct instruments.
He kicked off the year with a single titled “Good Times”. Hueso’s new anthem ‘Good Times’ featuring Jking debuts the 2020 year off flawlessly. The artist has outdone himself on this hypnotic, full-toned intricate track. Good Times brings an upbeat, melodic and vibe to open up the floor to Hueso’s timeless new style which is bound to keep listeners wanting more.

Joel Elliott (host of Monday Special Blend on CKCU) interviewed Hueso this week, and will be on the next edition of Monday Blend, but you'll get a preview right now....
Live studio session (30:03)
HUESO - Canadian
DJ set excerpt (part one)
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)

Namitha Rathinappillai (she/they) is a Tamil-Canadian published spoken word poet, organizer, and workshop facilitator. She is based in Ottawa, and is the first female and youngest director of Ottawa’s Urban Legends Poetry Collective (ULPC). You can find more at

Eddie Lartey
Simply put, Eddie is a wordsmith who combines heartfelt storytelling and mind-bending wordplay
Eyeda Sophia is Toronto based MC and poet. She released her first full album The Esplanade in 2020. Eyeda has curated several Toronto based cyphers and events in support of safer spaces for queer, marginalized and femme peoples.
Following the release of her debut EP series Much Love (2018) and The Red Project (2019) Eyeda has toured Canada and performed at TEDx UofT, Long Winter, NXNE, UNITY Fest, Manifesto, Bloom Festival, Bricks & Glitter (alt pride), the AGO, the Royal Ontario Museum and venues all across the country.

Emily D'Orazio (host of "Detour" alternate Tuesdays at 5PM, spoke with Eyeda Sophia this past week, here is part of that conversation....
Live studio session (39:48)
***OG 5000 Virtual Poetry Slam*** (cont'd)

Shayan Saddiq
I am a seventeen year old, self taught poet who is attempting to give a voice to things that cannot be explained.
Dioganhdih is a two spirit Mohawk producer, lyricist and sound designer premiering a self produced beat project called "Chasin All My Demons" with House of PainT in Ottawa, Canada. In the 35 min set, Dio demo's new bars, fresh freestyles, familiar remixed hooks and even the eloquent reciting of poetic IG captions. The mix is a fusion of trap, boom bap, native-reggaeton, funk, and alternative music with particular attention paid to sampling. There should be something for all the natives, in all directions. Written, produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Dioganhdih in Brooklyn, NY (LenapeHoking). Additional vocalists featured are Rad Pereira & Jen Anaya.
Dioganhdih’s music has been reviewed in The Fader, CBC Music, Afropunk, BitchMedia, APTN’s Digital Drum.
Live studio session (35:27)
Powerful! ..... c'mon back tomorrow, for more great stuff from,,,,,,
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Lifeboogie 'til the bottom of the clock....
DJ set # 2 (21:09)
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)
Just a little over an hour away now... get those headphones!

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