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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday April 13th, 2021 with SOCI4170, Carleton U
Financialized landlords and the Herongate housing eviction situation in Ottawa

This podcast was created by fourth-year students in the SOCI4170 at Carleton University. Supervised by Joshua Hawley and Facilitated by Professor Deborah Conners, this class is premised on community engagement to create advocacy pieces about certain social issues. Influenced by the Herongate Tenant Coalition (HTC) in Ottawa, the podcast's goal is to simplify the financialization of the rental market, to expose the tactics used by financialized landlords. These landlords use strategies such as demo-viction, squeezing and neglect of repairs to gentrify communities. Using the Herongate neighbourhood as a core example, the podcast hopes to contribute to the community of affordable housing advocates, to reach tenants that are unaware of these tactics and to empower them with knowledge if they have to face these landlords. The team members who created the podcast are Yoyo Chan, Cassandra Racicot, Jenevah Clarke, Aidan Payne, Cindy Yu, Molly Burke, Mohammed Delas and Hannah Braha.
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