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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday March 2nd, 2021 with Jeff Larocque
My 5th Anniversary Show - Shelley Ann Morris joins me as we reminisce about all things radio- related with our special guest, Geoff Winter.

Geoff Winter grew up in Ottawa, and was a much loved host on local radio in our area. He began at CJET out in Perth with an early morning show. Found his way to Ottawa's Classic Rock station Chez 106 until 1999, and then hosted a remote broadcast for Dawg FM. He joins us today from his home in Sarasota, Florida. Show #180 Covid Episode #43
Cutting So Fine (Show Theme)
Paul Anthony/Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
Chain Lightning
Steely Dan - Katy Lied (1975)
Deep Purple - Machine Head (1972)
Don't Stop the Boogie (feat. Kevin Ficzere)
Blues & Company - Straight Up, No Chaser (2021) Canadian New
Going Down Slow (feat. Steve Morse)
Peter Frampton Band - All Blues (2019)
Drowning on Dry Land
JW Jones - Sonic Departures (2020) Canadian
Hold Me Up
Terrence & the High Flyers - Hold Me Up (single) (2021) Canadian New
Super Strut
Deodato - Deodato 2 (1973)
Hey Good Lookin'
Hank Williams - 20 Greatest Hits
Apologies to the Hank Snow and Hank Williams families. Geoff and I got our Hank's mixed up.
Lookin' Back (faded for BBC News)
Stampeders - Sweet City Woman (2010) Canadian
Super Strut
Deodato - Deodato 2
Rose Coloured Glasses
Blue Rodeo - Outskirts (1987) Canadian
World's a Bitch
Church of Trees (feat. Carole Pope) - World's a Bitch (single) (2021) Canadian New
Kansas City
Wilbert Harrison - The Best of Wilbert Harrison: Vol. 1
Alice Cooper - Love It to Death (1971)
The Dream Never Dies
The Cooper Brothers - Best of The Cooper Brothers (2014) Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Jeff Larocque (host)
You might want to turn up the volume in a minute or two. Just sayin'

7:12 AM, March 2nd, 2021
Shelley Ann Morris
Congratulations Jeff! Where did 5 years go? You have done so much good in that time.....with more to come! Proud to know you! Looking forward to hearing our conversation with Geoff WinterÔÇöinspiration on the airwaves.

8:24 AM, March 2nd, 2021
Christophe Elie
Enjoying your conversation with Geoff, Jeff! Cool to hear about the old technology and how Blue Rodeo ended up on Chez! Nice to hear Shelly Ann, now on chatting with you :) Congrats Jeff on 5 years of shows with CKCU!!

8:41 AM, March 2nd, 2021
Jeff Larocque (host)
Thanks buddy!

8:50 AM, March 2nd, 2021
Congratulations Jeff! You bring such great radio to our ears. Thank you!!

8:59 AM, March 2nd, 2021
Jeff Larocque (host)
Thanks for tuning in to CKCUFM and for the kind words Colleen.

9:16 AM, March 2nd, 2021
WOW!!! Happy Anniversary, Jeff! And all listeners too! We get to share the moment! Like, Man!;-) Every Show is perfect,'s the little blips that keep it real - life ain't perfect Man! Hav a beer, or 2 or your choice! Thanks for all the work and luv! ­čŹ║

9:20 AM, March 2nd, 2021
Jeff Larocque (host)
Thanks HBG Appreciate you being a great supporter of CKCUFM. I figured you'd dig the tunes in the first half hour especially. We had a great time putting this program together. Geoff, Shelley and I were in a Zoom time capsule peeling back all those memories.

10:06 AM, March 2nd, 2021