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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday June 23rd, 2020 with Jeff Larocque and Christophe Elie
Jeff's final four essential albums. Black Lives Matter personal thoughts and more in Hour One. Interval House and John Allaire in Hour Two.

Thanks to everyone who support Community Radio. Today's episode was pre-recorded and we will be uploading the entire two hour episode for our On Demand supporters after the show airs on the Mighty 93.1 on June 23, 2020 between 7 and 9 am eastern. If you'd like to be on a future show as a guest, or want to suggest a topic, send Jeff an email at: Thanks to Tuesday Special Blend volunteer Jenn Chase for our Interval House interview. Special mention to Tom Petty and the incredible Wildflowers Album. "Honey Bee" will fly on a future episode.
Walking With Shelley May (intro music sample)
Bonecat - Bonecat II Canadian
If you didn't catch my picks for my favourite albums #10 thru #5, simply go back in the On Demand Tuesday Special Blend show listings to June 9, 2020. Of course... if you ask me I could come up with about 12 lists of my ten favourites... depends on the situation. If you enjoy vinyl, support local shops. Buy music from our local artists.
Little Bones
Tragically Hip - Road Apples - 1991 Canadian
Overture/The Temples of Syrinx
RUSH - 2112 - 1976 Canadian
Let's Shake
Teenage Head - Frantic City - 1980 Canadian
Spare Parts II and Closing
Tom Waits - Nighthawks at the Diner (Double album) - My #1 by a long shot (1975)
Kimberly Sunstrum - Kimberly Sunstrum (ST) Canadian
Bold As Love
Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love (1967)
Please support Interval House with a donation if you're able to do so. Thanks to Sammy Cisek for joining our program today.
For more information on the text and online chat service available for women experiencing violence, visit
One of the things we did not get to is information on the new hand sign that victims of abuse can use to let others know they need help. Here's a link on that:
Find and follow John Allaire at: and check out his facebook page for future shows coming soon to a patio near you (when it's safe of course)
Cutting So Fine (Show Theme for Hour 2.0)
Canada High - Canada High (Working Title) Canadian
Drive (Single)
Trundled - High Water - Released March 2020 Canadian
Spin the Wheel
John Allaire - Heart of Steel Canadian
HIghway 105
John Allaire - Up Hill ... Both Ways Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Corona Blues festus
$75! to sit in car/truck on 1st Nation land & listen on radio....I don't think so....& it ain't safe! (folks'll be out dancin'...etc. just sayin' ;-)

7:58 AM, June 23rd, 2020
Sammy Cisek
Thank you so much for having me on the show! For more information on the text and online chat service available for women experiencing violence, visit

8:31 AM, June 24th, 2020
Jeff Larocque (host)
Thanks for the reminder Sammy. I have added that link into the playlist comments as well.

1:21 PM, June 24th, 2020
Christophe Elie (co-host)
Corona Blues Festus - Thanks for listening, thanks for the comment. It is taking place at “Zibi”, not clear on how that all came about, that’d be interesting to know. The health concerns need to be properly considered.

11:12 AM, July 4th, 2020