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Blaster Caps
Tuesday February 6th, 2024 with Filburt Shellbach

On this weeks episode I play some MC5 in memory of Wayne Kramer. Plus I dig back to the 70's with some Death, Pure Hell, and The Zero's. Plus some Barrow Wight and Serpent Corpse who are playing Ottawa this Friday. I end with some Last Agony, and a brand new song from Mutated Void.
Over And Over
MC5 - High Time - Atlantic - 1972
The American Ruse
MC5 - Back In The USA - Atlantic - 1970
Shakin' Street
MC5 - Back In The USA - Atlantic - 1970
Freaking Out
Death - ...For The Whole World To See - Drag City Records - 2009
Noise Addiction
Pure Hell - Noise Addiction - Welfare Records - 2006
Don't Push Me Around
The Zero's - Don't Push Me Around / Wimp - BOMP! - 1977
Morgûl Blade
Barrow Wight - Trapped Under Ice "The New Face of Canadian Heavy Metal" - Temple Of Mystery Records - 2019 Canadian
Electric Eye
Serpent Corpse - Blood Sabbath - Temple Of Mystery Records - 2023 Canadian
Radiation In Hell
Last Agony - Last Agony 7" - Phobia Records - 2020 Canadian
Mutated Void - Tarnished EP - Unlawful Assembly - 2024 Canadian New
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