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Blaster Caps
Tuesday November 21st, 2023 with Filburt Shellbach
Angry Youth

This week I blast through some 70s and 80s punk and hc including Plasmatics, Discharge, One Way System, Death Sentence, Vice Squad, The A.G.'s, Red Alert, and Front Page. Plus a brand new song by Hamilton's Golden Shitters, and some Neighborhood Brats, Wine Lips, Mr. Power, Real Sickies, and Chain Whip.
A Pig Is A Pig
Plasmatics - Beyond The Valley Of 1984 - Stiff America - 1981
State Violence State Control
Discharge - State Violence State Control - Clay Records - 1982
One Way System - All Systems Go - Anagram Records - 1983
Die A Hero
Death Sentence - Death And Pure Distruction - Beat The System !!, Lightbeat Records - 1982
Angry Youth
Vice Squad - No Cause For Concern - Riot City Records - 1981
Neighborhood Brats - Confines Of Life - Dirt Cult Records, Taken By Surprise - 2021
Drop The Bomb
Golden Shitters - S/T - independent - 2023 Canadian New
In The Clear
Wine Lips - Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party - Stomp Records - 2023 Canadian New
Mr. Power - Light My Cigarette Off The Sun - independent - 2023 Canadian New
Tear It All Down
Real Sickies - Love Is For Lovers - Stomp Records - 2021 Canadian
Class Decay
Chain Whip - Call Of The Knife - Drunken Sailor Records - 2023 Canadian New
Hurt A Cop
The A.G.'s - ... Because A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste - Super Seven Records, Thrash Records, Bootleg Records, Ghetto-way Records, Doug Moody Productions
Sell Out
Red Alert - Take No Prisoners - No Future Records - 1982
Kick Them
Front Page - Kick Them! / Monster - New Noise - 1979
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