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Blaster Caps
Tuesday October 31st, 2023 with Filburt Shellbach
🎃 HALLOWEEN 🎃 + CKCU Funding Drive

This weeks episode falls on Halloween! So for this episode of Blaster Caps I am playing a bunch of spooky halloween themed tunes from Ottawa's own Section 8 + some Slaughter & The Dogs, Mecht Mensch, The Psykik Volts, The Pagans, Control, Cortex, Shonen Knife, Erazerhead and Misfits! It is also the start of the CKCU funding drive! Community radio is SO important. It's real people, it's real radio, it's connecting communities. It validates, amplifies, and gives a voice for the under represented in our community. CKCU has so much unique programing. All of your on going support, and listenership makes you such a valuable part of the CKCU community, and community radio in general. If you have a couple of bucks to spare, you can donate at the link below
Hollywood Halloween
Section 8 - Hollywood Halloween - Zero/Zero Records - 1979 Canadian
Victims Of The Vampire
Slaughter & The Dogs - Do It Dog Style - Decca - 1978
Mecht Mensch - Acceptance - Bone Air - 1983
Horror Stories No.5
Psykik Volts - Totally Useless / Horror Stories #5 - Ellie Jay Records, MHG Records - 1979
Eyes Of Satan
The Pagans - Buried Alive - Treehouse Records - 1986
Nightmare In My Closet
Control - VA - Are We Too Late For The Trend... - E.S.R. - 1979
Mind Of Darkness
Cortex - Spinal Injuries - Heartwork Records - 1983
Devil House
Shonen Knife - Let's Knife - Virgin - 1992
Martian Girl
Erazerhead - The Rumble Of The East - Flicknife Records - 1982
Misfits - Halloween - Plan 9 - 1981
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