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Blaster Caps
Tuesday June 27th, 2023 with Filburt Shellbach
Stop! You're Crying

On this week's episode we kick things off with some old stuff including Silmät from Finland, Chin Chin from Switzerland, and from the former Yugoslav, U Škripcu, Boye, and Via Talas. Plus a brand new song from Montreal's Taxi Girls, and some Pooched from Victoria B.C., Martha from the UK, and Ingrates from Joshua Tree, California.
Silmät - Haudattu - Johanna - 1983
Nove Godine!
U Škripcu - Nove Godine! - Jugoton - 1983
(Gde) Možemo Se Sresti
Boye - Dosta! Dosta! Dosta! - PGP RTB - 1988
Stop! Your Crying
Chin Chin - Stop! Your Crying - Farmer Records - 1986
Via Talas - Perfektan Dan Za Banana Ribe - Sarajevo Disk - 1983
Flag // Burner
Martha - Please Don't Take Me Back - Specialist Subject Records, Dirtnap Records - 2022
Hot Goofy
Pooched - Scraps - independent - 2020 Canadian
Taxi Girls - Coming Up Roses - Wild Honey Records, Dirt Cult Records - 2023 Canadian New
Don't Wanna Work
Ingrates - Don't Wanna Work b​/​w Leather Lover - No Norms Records - 2021
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