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Blaster Caps
Tuesday March 29th, 2022 with Imp-Yam Cataracts
Over 30 (actually 31): Don't Trust 'Em? 🤞

That's what they used to tell me, and then one day I was over 30.... so what is it now? Over 70? Social Media? Fake News? There's lots of things not to trust these days seems to me. Whatever age any of us are, we can be our own worst enemy seems to me. So let's just go with trust and believe in yourself, because no one else probably will haha! :p (oh and, "seems to me") XD
Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse - Crass - 1981
A Measure Of Insecurity
Icons Of Filth - Used, Abused, Unamused - Corpus Christi - 1983
17 Years Of Hell
The Partisans - S/T - No Future - 1983
Honour's Calling
Unwarranted Trust - V/A - International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation - R Radical - 1984 Canadian
Casual Design
Ruggedy Annes - Jagged Thoughts - Tabb - 1985 Canadian
Kleenex - 7" - Sunrise - 1978
Potential Rapist
Naked Raygun - Basement Screams - Ruthless - 1983
Nuclear Disaster
No Choice - Sadist Dream 7" - Riot City - 1983
Susans - S/T - self-released - 2022 Canadian New
No One's Little Girl
The Raincoats - 7" - Rough Trade - 1982
Interactive CKCU
Ooops, sorry I forgot I hadn't finished the playlist for this, sorry 'bout that! ....Well I dug it, even though I was otherwise occupied. Wasn't able to do the "active listening", but hey that's what On Demand is for right? Hope you did/will too....playlist coming / filling in currently....

3:14 PM, March 29th, 2022